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Model risk management is evolving: regulation, volatility, machine learning and AI

Emerging from the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, the world is now dealing with geopolitical uncertainty, increased concerns over counterparty risk and rising interest rates, all of which present fresh challenges for model risk managers.


Navigating the volatility and complexity of commodity markets

Avadhut Naik, Head of Solutions at Quantifi, explores how firms are reassessing their commodity risk management processes and systems to navigate a volatile and complex market.


The Future of the Front Office

While increased regulatory scrutiny and market volatility continue to put pressure on the front office, new technology, machine learning and data science are reshaping trading.


Leveraging Data Science for Next Generation Risk & PnL

Over the last few years, there has been a step change in the role of data and technology in trading, risk management and investment decision-making. Firms are deploying data science tools to improve risk assessment and business response strategies, and bring more rigour to their operations.


Automating Fixed Income Trading: is it the end for traders?

Alexei Tchernitser, Director, Analytic Solutions, Quantifi and Ersel Korusoy, Executive Director, Standard Chartered Bank discuss the ways in which automation is redefining the front-office and transforming the fixed income market as we know it.


Survey Reveals the Top 2 Risks Associated with Cryptoassets

Several cryptoassets have exhibited a high degree of volatility and present several risks, including market, liquidity, credit and operational.


Survey: 5 areas firms will be increasing technology spend to enhance risk management

Firms are increasingly turning to trusted fintech providers to drive technology innovation as they have proved to be agile, nimble, iterative, and unconstrained by old technology.


What is data science and do firms need it for decision-making?

This transcript was taken from a webinar hosted by Quantifi and on “The Future is Now: How Data Science is Revolutionising Risk Management and Finance”.


Survey: How Data Science is Revolutionising Risk Management & Finance?

This survey was conducted during a webinar hosted by Quantifi and on “The Future is Now: How Data Science is Revolutionising Risk Management and Finance”.

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