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Accelerate Derivatives Valuation by 700X

Portfolio managers and traders that use over the counter (OTC) derivatives often lack an accurate real-time view of the valuations and risk of their derivative positions, especially when trading exotic derivatives. Unlike liquid securities or exchange traded products, there is not always a market price available for OTC derivatives.


What are the Requirements for Advanced Credit Analytics?

Credit trading is changing - does your firm have the data, analytics and technology required to take advantage of this new environment?


The Evolution of Credit Trading: Industry Survey

With the growth in bond issuance in 2020, credit is playing an increasingly important role in investment portfolios. The international bond market represents over $128 trillion in debt outstanding. The current credit market environment, characterised by uncertainty and persistent structural inefficiencies, is rich in relative value credit investment opportunities.  Over the past five years, there has been robust growth in the […]


Exploring Opportunities in Relative Value Credit

Relative value credit analytics has been the subject of investor attention over the last 12 months, due to the surge of issuance seen in the bond market and the volatility within the credit sector during COVID-19. Both created opportunities for realisation of value, and whilst the markets calmed down from the turbulence 12 months prior, the party is not over.


Quantifi Targets Broader Markets: An Interview with Avadhut Naik, Head of Solutions, Quantifi

The process of trading, procuring and selling commodities has always been risky and intricate, and it’s only becoming more complex. Market structures have shifted, and so risk management solutions must respond to that change. Avadhut Naik, Head of Solutions at Quantifi talks to Commodity Technology Advisory about Quantifi's strong track record in the risk management space and how they've extended this capability to cover the needs of the commodity trading sector.


How Can Artificial Intelligence Be Used To Accelerate Derivatives Valuations?

Quantifi recently took part in Intel's Coffee Chat series to discuss their partnership and collaboration with Intel. This Q&A was taken from the video series where Intel Vice President, Pete Baker, discusses risk analysis, analytics and artificial intelligence on Intel architecture in the financial services sector with Sebastian Hahn, AI Lead, Quantifi.


Accelerating the Performance of Large-scale XVA Workloads

In the post-crisis world, an increasing number of banks have set up a centralized XVA desk. With the introduction of new regulations to ensure banks are adequately capitalized, it has become common practice to include certain costs in the pricing of OTC derivatives that, in many cases, had previously been ignored. To assist in the […]


Growing Success in Commodities

This article first appeared on Commodity Technology Advisory’s CTRMCenter™ and is written by Patrick Reames, Founder of Commodity Technology Advisory. We recently visited with the team at Quantifi, including Sachvir Cheema, Director of Business Development, to get a briefing and a demo covering the firm’s activities and solutions in the commodities markets. Originally founded in […]


How has COVID-19 Impacted the Credit Derivatives Market?

The COVID-19 (C19) pandemic has severely affected global markets, causing economic disruption at unprecedented speed and on a hitherto unknown scale. With the spread of the virus accelerating by mid-March 2020, the US economy has been severely impacted and there are understandable concerns about the damage caused to the worldwide economy. Unemployment continues to shake […]

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