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Maximising alpha with CVA swaps

Quantifi anticipates that CVA (Credit Valuation Adjustment) swaps will be crucial in financial markets, providing the means for participants to manage counterparty credit risk in over-the-counter derivatives.


Tackling interest rate curve construction complexity

Optimise your interest rate curve construction and overall market and counterparty credit risk management.


Why technology choices matter for start-up hedge funds

Firms that do not make the right choices are likely to end up having to replace systems that are not flexible enough to meet the needs of the market.


Be complimented for complementing your risk infrastructure

The key to effective risk management lies not necessarily in scrapping existing systems but in enhancing them with complementary solutions that offer accurate and sophisticated analytics.


Credit risk management: Integrating ESG factors

The integration of ESG factors into credit risk functions is reshaping the way financial institutions assess and manage credit risks. Firms need to understand the impact ESG considerations can have on the creditworthiness and performance of borrowers.


From complexity to opportunity in the credit markets

The credit market landscape is analytics driven. Success hinges on the ability to obtain and leverage sophisticated analytics effectively. Having an edge in analytics can be the differentiating factor


ESG: The challenges faced by front-office and enterprise risk functions

In light of emerging legislation centred around ESG, financial firms must employ robust risk strategies to address the multifaceted challenges posed by the ESG landscape.


Setting you up for success: 4 key elements to a successful implementation

The value of any technology solution is dependent on the team put in place to implement, maintain, and support your investment.


Survey: Risk outlook & priorities for APAC banks over the next 12 months

As banks confront the many challenges of the ever-evolving landscape of finance, understanding and effectively managing risks have become paramount for success and sustainability.

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