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Risk Management Systems: From Traditional Practices to Future-Ready Solutions

To forge a more dynamic risk management environment, Chief Risk Officers and Heads of Trading require scalable, adaptable, and resilient risk management technology.


Internal tech expertise: top 3 concerns for CROs

With the right investment, banks can ensure agility and competitiveness, and more easily navigate shifting business demands. A recent survey by Quantifi underscores concerns voiced by Chief Risk Officers and Heads of Risk Systems at tier-2 banks regarding their in-house technology expertise.


The rising complexity in bank credit risk: understanding counterparties

As financial markets evolve, evaluating the complex credit risk exposures of non-bank counterparties is crucial for effective risk management.


Technology investments in global banks: exploring regional dynamics

In the world of banking, figuring out how much to spend on technology is a big decision. A recent Quantifi survey of global banks highlights the importance of technology in the banking sector.


Risks and resilience: a global perspective on banking challenges

The journey towards competitiveness and resilience in the banking industry is an ongoing one. It requires not only a keen awareness of the present challenges but also a forward-looking mindset that anticipates the challenges of tomorrow.


Maximising alpha with CVA swaps

Quantifi anticipates that CVA (Credit Valuation Adjustment) swaps will be crucial in financial markets, providing the means for participants to manage counterparty credit risk in over-the-counter derivatives.


Tackling interest rate curve construction complexity

Optimise your interest rate curve construction and overall market and counterparty credit risk management.


Why technology choices matter for start-up hedge funds

Firms that do not make the right choices are likely to end up having to replace systems that are not flexible enough to meet the needs of the market.


Be complimented for complementing your risk infrastructure

The key to effective risk management lies not necessarily in scrapping existing systems but in enhancing them with complementary solutions that offer accurate and sophisticated analytics.

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