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Reflections from Quantifi CEO, Rohan Douglas

I wanted to share a poem ChatGPT wrote about Quantifi…

Dear clients, let me introduce,
A company that’s cutting-edge and true.
Quantifi’s our name, and our aim’s to assist.
Investment managers, banks, and corps, we enlist.


Our analytics and risk numbers are the best,
More accurate than all the rest.
Our ears are always open to your needs,
So we can deliver solutions that exceed.

Not the best poem but nevertheless an impressive example of the tremendous potential for technology to transform business. As a fintech company, Quantifi is in the center of both market and technology change. We see the impact these changes have on clients and the benefits that can be achieved with the right solutions in place. For our clients, the right solution is not just technology, but technology adapted to fit their business needs combined with a strong partnership to manage ongoing change.

Two significant areas of technology transformation are Data Science and Machine Learning. In this issue, our cover story highlights how companies are investing more in technology, particularly in areas like data science, to transform, scale and optimise their businesses. A second article explores the evolution of model risk management, partly influenced by the advancements in machine learning.

This has been a busy quarter for Quantifi with a number of successful implementations, new client wins, and awards. I’m proud to announce some recognition from as ‘Pricing and Analytics Product of the Year’ and Asia Risk as ‘Best AI/ML Innovation’ and ‘Best System Support and Implementation’. I’m particularly proud of the last award as testament to our client focus and our commitment to deliver exceptional support and smooth, speedy implementations.

Today’s volatile market landscape, driven by the Ukraine invasion and US banking crisis, underscores the importance of risk management and the role of technology. With this in mind, I hope you find this newsletter both topical and useful.


New technologies shaping risk management

The financial services industry is going through tremendous change. In the current climate, firms face multiple risk management and business challenges. To succeed they need to invest in the latest technologies that provide a holistic view of risk, help reduce costs, improve operating efficiency and enable insights to better serve clients.


Leveraging data science for next generation Risk and PnL

The role of data and technology in trading, risk management and investment decision-making is changing. Firms are deploying data science tools to improve risk assessment and business response strategies, and bring more rigour to their operations.

Growing Success in Commodities

Model risk management is evolving: regulation,volatility, machine learning and AI

The financial services industry is contending with geopolitical uncertainty, increased concerns over counterparty risk and rising interest rates, all of which present fresh challenges for model risk managers.

Nomura selects Quantifi for its advanced Structured Credit models

A growing number of Nomura’s buy-side clients leverage Quantifi. Using the same software, Nomura traders and structurers can help their clients model structured credit and better explain how they themselves are pricing trades.


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