Setting you up for success: 4 key elements to a successful implementation

The value of any technology solution is dependent on the team put in place to implement, maintain, and support your investment.
25 Oct, 2023

In this blog we explore how Quantifi’s sales and implementation process has been fine-tuned to set our clients up for success. By adopting a consultative sales approach, thorough scoping, tried and tested implementation, and comprehensive training and support, Quantifi is providing our clients with the tools that they need to innovate.

Selecting a technology partner that could deliver a smooth implementation with minimal impact on our business was a key criterion in our selection process.

Hector Negroni, Founder & CEO, Foundation Credit

Sales process: defining success

At Quantifi, we believe in doing things differently. Our consultative sales process is geared towards truly understanding our clients’ challenges and goals. Unlike other risk technology providers, rather than forcing a one-size fits all approach, we offer client-centric solutions that can adapt to clients’ particular strategies and processes. Built on an open, API-centric architecture, our system provides the agility necessary to adapt and evolve as our clients’ requirements change. Collaboration is at the core of our approach, and we always strive to foster flexible and strategic partnership with our clients.

Thorough scoping: maximising value

The success of any solution hinges on the team responsible for its implementation, maintenance, and support. At Quantifi, we are committed to ensuring that our clients get the maximum value from the solution. Through close partnership and collaboration, we build and nurture strong relationships. Our detailed planning process revolves around understanding and addressing the unique needs of each client. This meticulous approach minimises project risks and ensures that all stakeholders’ objectives are met without any surprises.

A cloud environment allows Quantifi to push through future enhancements faster and more seamlessly. The solution, combined with the high level of support we receive from senior experienced personnel, helped us strengthen our risk management capacity in the markets we operate in.

Bokar Cherif, Head of Funding and Market Operations, AFD

Fine-tuned implementation process: delivering results on time and on budget

Quantifi’s implementation process is designed for success. A key element of this is the experience of the client service team. We have a well-defined approach to implementation that ensures all risks are identified upfront and carefully managed. This is a result of significant investment in tools that facilitate the process, including out of the box interfaces and configuration. We begin by creating a comprehensive project plan that encompasses milestones, ownership, and timelines, all aligned with the client’s requirements. This minimises project risk and ensures the achievement of stakeholders’ goals. For large-scale implementations, we adopt a multi-phase approach, rather than a one-shot Go-Live strategy.

This approach enables “quick wins” by swiftly delivering core functionality so clients can start experiencing the benefits of our solution as soon as possible. A multi-phase implementation strategy builds upon existing infrastructure, experiences, and embedded processes from preceding phases. By leveraging this foundation, subsequent phases become more efficient and streamlined, maximising productivity and minimising redundant efforts. We understand the importance of mitigating risks during the implementation process. Our phased approach reduces the impact of uncertainty by breaking down the implementation into manageable stages. This provides flexibility for the client, allowing them to adapt and make informed decisions at each phase, ultimately reducing overall risk and ensuring a successful outcome.

Training and support: empowering users

At Quantifi, we understand the importance of providing comprehensive training and ongoing support to our clients. Our highly skilled technical and financial experts are dedicated to ensuring that clients derive maximum benefit from Quantifi. We provide tailored training to all clients, either onsite or remotely, covering technical installation and maintenance, API training to customise and expand functionality, and business training to allow clients to model the wide range of financial instruments supported within our solution. Our client services team also includes quantitative and research consultants who support model validation activities and research-based support.

“The client services team has been an excellent resource and impressed us with a rapid deployment and integration.”

Sofiane Gharred, Founding Partner & CIO, Selwood Asset Management

Your partner in achieving success

Quantifi is positioned to transform the way our clients approach their risk, analytics, and trading requirements. Through a consultative sales process, thorough scoping, fine-tuned implementation, and comprehensive training and support, we empower our clients to achieve their goals and transform their businesses.

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