Leave your outdated technology behind. Unify your existing processes with a single platform, built on modern technology.

Eliminate Complexity

Trusted by 5 of the 6 largest investment banks

Are your legacy systems difficult to maintain, difficult to integrate and require huge effort in managing your data? Quantifi provides new levels of flexibility and efficiency with a single integrated view across trading, risk, and operations. Eliminate complexity and reduce costs with a solution built on a cloud-centric, data science-enabled technology stack.

Risk Management →

Become confident in risk management with a single view of market, counterparty and liquidity risk.

Front Office →

Make better trading decision with accurate insights.

Middle Office →

Automate processes and improve performance with intuitive tools and open APIs.

Analytics →

Get better answers, faster, with support for OIS discounting, alternative reference rates, and XVA.


Built on modern technology

Cross-Asset Support

Multi-Asset Coverage

Trade across multiple investment strategies including fixed income, rates, FX, credit, equities & commodities).

Simplified Data Management

Simplify Data Management

Seamlessly integrate with in-house data repositories and 3rd party providers via flexible ETL layer.
Satisfy Compliance & Limits

Satisfy Compliance & Limits

Mitigate your exposure with a full suite of compliance, limit checks, what-if analysis and regulatory features.
Minimise Risk

View Your Risk in Real-Time

An integrated risk framework that provides a single view of market, counterparty, liquidity & collateral risk.

Consistent Analytics

Consistent Analytics

Achieve a unified view between teams, with the same analytics across front office, middle office & risk.
Interactive Reporting

Highly Configurable Reporting

Gain full transparency with interactive drill-down (down to the trade level), slicing and dicing, and aggregation.
Enterprise XVA

Enterprise XVA

A consistent modelling framework that supports front-office, IFRS 13 accounting & risk control requirements.

Simple Trade Entry

Simple Trade Entry

A trade blotter configured to each user using templates to provide high tuned, simple trade entry.

Calculate P&L

Analyse P&L

P&L is calculated in real time using both the full revaluation method and a sensitivity based approach.


Embrace the future

Leave your outdated technology behind. Unify your existing processes with Quantifi’s enterprise risk solution, built on a cloud-centric, data science enabled infrastructure.


A clear vision

At Quantifi, we understand the challenges banks face, and we offer solutions that can help you transform your business.

Managing and maintaining multiple systems?

Open and flexible architecture seamlessly integrates with existing systems, giving firms the option to unify processes. Quantifi’s single, fully integrated solution provides enterprise-wide risk, trading, valuation and regulatory reporting

Quantifi’s broad functionality reduces the need for multiple systems.

Difficult to integrate new solutions and/or implement upgrades?

New technology combined with outstanding support ensure a fast, seamless implementation with minimal disruption to existing processes.

Dealing with high infrastructure costs?

Quantifi reduces infrastructure cost with exceptional performance on standard hardware.

Quantifi’s cloud enabled solution ensures lower upfront investment and maintenance costs. This allows for a more efficient use of capital investment.

Difficulty keeping up-to-date with markets and regulatory changes?
Quantifi is a client driven company with a long track record of keeping up to date with market and regulatory changes.

Quantifi provides open APIs and tools that give clients the flexibility they need, not just a black box.

Difficulty managing data?

Quantifi integrates with data science technology to provide cloud native, scalable performance for large data sets.

Rich ETL capabilities seamlessly integrated with existing data repositories and third-party data providers.

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Delivering excellence

Better Understanding

In-depth analysis

Monitor live risk and P&L across your whole portfolio
With Quantifi, you can calculate pricing, P&L and risk in real-time, at multiple levels.
Gain valuable insights with P&L Explain
Better understand the dynamics impacting your investments. Calculated using full revaluation & sensitivity-based approaches.
Get the analysis you need with complex scenarios & stress tests
Run back-testing, create custom reports & integrate with 3rd party BI tools - so you can create complex scenarios & analyse historical data.


Innovative thinking


Banking on stability: evaluating resilience in market shocks

By analysing WWR and jumps-at-default, the Fed aims to gain a deep understanding of the potential vulnerabilities within the banking system.


Bank credit risk: how well do you know your counterparties?

As non-bank entities gain significance in financial markets, regulators must adjust supervision to tackle emerging risks effectively.

Client Stories

APAC Investment Bank Selects Quantifi’s Integrated Capital Markets Platform

Headquartered in Sydney, the client provides corporate and strategic advisory, equity and debt capital market underwritings, cash equities, research, prime brokerage and traditional fixed income services.

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