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Our solutions seamlessly integrate with existing processes & are fully scalable to support the largest, most complex portfolios.


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In today’s environment, banks need technology that can keep up with changing markets and new regulations. Built on next-generation technology, Quantifi seamlessly integrates with your existing systems to scale and support the largest, most complex portfolios. Quantifi provides a single integrated view across trading, risk and operations. With a proven track record for delivering large scale projects on time and within budget, Quantifi’s provides a proven path for transforming your business.

Risk Management →

Monitor and manage market, counterparty and liquidity risk, enterprise-wide, on a single platform.

Front Office →

Pricing & pre-trade analytics designed to improve operational efficiency and decision making of front-office trading activities.

Middle Office →

Automated middle-office capabilities designed to enhance risk management, regulatory reporting and valuation functions.

Analytics →

A comprehensive suite of cross-asset models that generate accurate and consistent front-to-back analytics.


Built on Modern Technology

Cross-Asset Support

Cross-Asset Support

Market tested and validated models (fixed income, rates, FX, credit, equities & commodities).

Simplified Data Management

Simplified Data Management

Rich ETL capabilities seamlessly integrate with in-house data repositories and 3rd party providers.

Satisfy Compliance & Limits

Satisfy Compliance & Limits

A full suite of compliance, limit checks, what-if analysis and regulatory features designed to mitigate a firm’s exposure.

Minimise Risk

Minimise Risk

An integrated risk framework that provides a single view of market, counterparty, liquidity & collateral risk.

Consistent Analytics

Consistent Analytics

Fast, accurate and extensible analytics engine that provides consistent results across front-to-back office.

Interactive Reporting

Interactive Reporting

Interactive drill-down, slicing and dicing, and aggregation using in-memory hyper-cube technology.

Enterprise XVA

Enterprise XVA

A consistent modelling framework that supports front-office, IFRS 13 accounting & risk control requirements.

Simple Trade Entry

Simple Trade Entry

A trade blotter configured to each user using templates to provide high tuned, simple trade entry.

Calculate P&L

Calculate P&L

P&L is calculated in real time using both the full revaluation method and a sensitivity based approach.

client stories

Why companies choose Quantifi

“During the due diligence process, Quantifi’s single solution for the calculation of xVA measures proved to be more sophisticated, flexible and scalable compared to the other solutions we considered. Especially the strong ability of the system to do customized reporting, analysis and scenario calculations in a flexible way, the good product coverage.”

Volker Wittemann
Head of Credit Products & Bonds, Risk Control, Helaba

“We required a next-generation multi-asset treasury, front office and risk management system to provide complete risk management, accurate valuations taking into consideration OIS discounting and advanced counterparty risk analytics.”

Bokar Cherif
Head of Funding and Market Operations, Agence Française de Développement

Participants in the credit markets from investors to dealers are always looking for solutions that will give them an edge over their competitors. We have been impressed with Quantifi’s ability to remain at the cutting edge of pricing complex securities and building out scalable, easy to integrate technology.”

Sukho Lee,
Executive Director, Structured Credit Trading


How to Accelerate XVA Performance

Given the strategic importance of XVA, banks require enhanced capabilities and modern infrastructures to calculate the required credit, funding, and capital adjustments. As banks look to reduce, mitigate, and optimize XVA and other capital charges, they are investing in XVA capabilities in an attempt to solve the computational challenge of simulating a full universe of risk factors.


Navigate major trends & developments shaping the industry


The Acceleration of Electronic Credit Trading

The adoption of algorithmic trading, systematic market-making strategies and advanced trading protocols requires firms to embrace new technologies.


The IBOR Transition: Challenges and the Road Ahead

Operational readiness is specific to each institution and has to be complemented by technological and regulatory developments and fine-tuned to the ongoing changes in market infrastructure.


Quantifi Leverages Intel Hardware to Accelerate XVA Calculations

In this presentation, experts from Quantifi and Intel explain how leveraging Intel’s latest hardware can accelerate the performance of largescale XVA workloads by increasing performance of the CPU and improving the efficiency of I/O.

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