Next Generation Risk, Analytics & Trading

Leverage new technology for more accurate analytics, efficient trading, and comprehensive risk management

Best practice for trading and risk management has been transformed. Keeping ahead of market and regulatory change requires a significant investment of resources and time. Quantifi's pre and post-trade solutions are designed to help clients better value, trade and manage risk for even the most complex of portfolios. By applying the latest technology innovations, Quantifi provides new levels of usability, flexibility, and integration. This translates into dramatically lower time to market, lower total cost of ownership and major improvements in operational efficiency.





Integrated market, counterparty, liquidity and collateral risk management



Fast, accurate and consistent analytics across front to back-office environments



Fast, efficient and streamlined
cross-asset trading and
pre-trade analysis



Why Quantifi?

Trusted by 5 of the 6 largest global banks, 2 of the 3 largest asset managers, leading hedge funds, pension funds, insurers, brokers, clearing members, corporates and other
financial institutions



Valuation and risk management across all asset classes including fixed income, rates, FX, credit, equities, ABS, loans, commodities



An ETL framework for managing data feeds and a NoSQL database environment for high performance and agile processing of information


TBB™ multi-core and SIMD technology with integrated grid support gives clients significant advantages in performance and scalability


Detailed reports provide full transparency. Interactive drill down and aggregation across even the largest, most complex data sets 


A unique, flexible, open architecture with comprehensive APIs offer flexibility and seamless integration with existing processes and systems


Seamlessly integrate your own models/data using industry standard technologies, rather than rely on proprietary scripting languages or rigid APIs


Pre-defined templates and sample worksheets make getting started simple - even our  most complex models are intuitive and usable


Rich ETL processes for data integration and unique plug-in APIs for simple integration with existing systems and processes



What Our Clients Say

"Quantifi's proven track record of successful enterprise risk implementation in other large European banks further validated our selection."

"Quantifi’s depth of functionality, speed of analytics, asset coverage and ability to generate scenarios strengthens the funds risk management."

"We have been pleased with Quantifi’s ability to exceed our expectations in developing a world-class credit and counterparty risk management tool."


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Modern Technology

Pushing the boundaries of technology to give our clients the
advantages of speed, scalability, flexibility and usability

As an early adopter of key technologies that have proven themselves outside of the financial markets, we give our clients advantages in terms of speed, scalability, flexibility and usability.


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