The Single Solution for Risk, Analytics and Trading

Leverage the latest, most powerful technology for more accurate analytics, more efficient trading, and more comprehensive risk management, all on a single integrated platform

Best practice for trading and risk management has been transformed. Keeping ahead of market and regulatory change requires a significant investment of resources and time. For the global capital markets and commodities industries, Quantifi's integrated framework delivers accurate analytics, comprehensive risk management, cross-asset trading, front-to-back operations, position management, market, credit, counterparty and liquidity risk management, margining, and regulatory reporting all on a single platform. By applying the latest technology innovations, Quantifi provides new levels of usability, flexibility, and integration. This translates into dramatically lower time to market, lower total cost of ownership and significant improvements in operational efficiency, allowing you to focus on your core business.


“We required a next-generation multi-asset trading and portfolio management system to
provide complete risk management, accurate valuations taking into consideration OIS discounting 
and advanced counterparty risk analytics. After extensive due diligence of other main solution 
providers we singled out Quantifi as the clear market leader in this space.”

Hannan Mohammad, Deputy Head of the Funding and Markets Division at AFD



Consistent Pricing and Analytics Across Front and Back Office Environments

Quantifi's comprehensive suite of cross-asset models incorporate industry best-practices, including OIS discounting and CVA, that generate accurate analytics for even the most complex products. With Quantifi you can rely on consistent analytics across front and back office environments, enabling you to make better decisions and ultimately gain a clear competitive advantage. When analysing even the most complex products, timely results are required. Multi-core TBBTM technology and numerical methods have developed significantly over the last few years. Tools using these new techniques deliver significantly better performance than previously possible. Built on modern technology and incorporating advanced numerical methods, Quantifi delivers stable and accurate results in a fraction of the time previously possible.


Rapid, Efficient and Streamlined Trading

Regulatory and market changes can exert considerable pressure on trading operations, which consequently impact on P&L and trading economics. By bringing performance and risk measures in tandem to the front line can facilitate better trading decisions, stronger controls and a more accurate view of risk. Quantifi provides trade entry and pre-trade analysis via a trade blotter that can be configured for each user using templates to provide highly-tuned, simple trade entry. Pre-trade analysis, for both cleared and un-cleared trades, provides timely pre-deal risk metrics that enables users to make risk-adjusted pricing and trading decision before executing a trade. Clients can assess risk on either a portfolio or incremental basis and can compare exposure limits, capital charge, and margin across different execution venues. The solution can re-run a couple of trades, rather than the whole portfolio, to get a new measurement of risk, using in-memory cubes. Stress testing can also be carried out pre-trade. Market data can be ingested and scrubbed, with controls and tolerances for missing data.


A Single View of Risk

Our integrated risk framework provides a single view of risk and incorporates market leading models that generate results that match the market. Complex portfolios in particular require comprehensive and accurate scenario analysis as well as detailed sensitivity analysis to capture non-linear characteristics. Quantifi's powerful and flexible risk engine provides rapid historical and what-if scenarios so you can monitor and manage risk accurately. Transparency and independence are key elements towards satisfying increasing regulatory and corporate oversight. The ability to interactively drill down, slice and dice, and aggregate across even the largest data sets is critical. Quantifi's next generation reporting provides interactive drill down, slicing and dicing, and aggregation across even the largest data sets. Detailed composite reports with tables and graphs of current and historical data provide full transparency, giving you complete confidence in the results.



“We evaluated a number of commodity risk specialist technology providers and decided on Quantifi, given their expertise and capabilities in this space. We’ve been pleased with Quantifi’s ability to exceed our expectations in developing a world-class credit and counterparty risk management tool customized to our specific needs.” 

 Rick Bernstein, Senior Director, Global Credit Risk & Insurance, Bunge Limited