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Front Office

Fast, accurate pricing & sophisticated pre-trade analytics designed to improve operational efficiency and decision making of front-office trading activities.


Cross-Asset Front Office

Banks are under pressure to reduce costs, improve efficiency, and maintain compliance with ever-changing regulations. This is driving the need for banks to embrace new technology and become leaner. Regulatory pressures are forcing banks to be able to synchronise pre and post deal valuation and risk to optimize profitability. Quantifi supports the latest front-office business practices and automates complex processes to improve decision making, reduce operational risk and cost. As the market leader for cross-asset analytics, Quantifi offers the fastest, most accurate and extensible analytic engine so clients can rely on consistent front-to-back analytics.

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An extensive open library of market tested & validated pricing models, built on modern technology


Designed to support clients navigate the IBOR transition with confidence


Providing real-time support for trading, XVA desk, risk management and accounting requirements


Open & Extendable

Satisfy Compliance & Limits

Satisfy Compliance & Limits

A full suite of compliance, limit checks, what-if analysis and regulatory features designed to mitigate your exposure.
Consistent Analytics

Consistent Analytics

Fast, accurate and extensible analytics engine that provides consistent results across front-to-back office.

Self-serve BI & Reporting

Self-serve BI & Reporting

Interactive drill-down, slicing and dicing, and aggregation using in-memory hyper-cube technology.

Perform Pre-trade Analysis

Perform Pre-trade Analysis

Timely pre-deal risk metrics enable users to make risk-adjusted pricing and trading decisions before executing a trade.
Simple Trade Entry

Simple Trade Entry

Trade blotter application provides a highly customisable single line entry for new trades and live view of trades entered.
Integrated XVA Analytics

Integrated XVA Analytics

Integrating XVA pricing and hedging. Price XVA on new trades independently or as an incremental charge on an existing portfolio.


Why Quantifi?

At Quantifi, we understand the challenges banks face, and we offer solutions that can help them transform their business.

Managing and maintaining multiple systems?

Open and flexible architecture seamlessly integrates with existing systems, giving firms the option to unify processes. Quantifi’s single, fully integrated solution provides enterprise-wide risk, trading, valuation and regulatory reporting

Quantifi’s broad functionality reduces the need for multiple systems.

Difficult to integrate new solutions and/or implement upgrades?

New technology combined with outstanding support ensure a fast, seamless implementation with minimal disruption to existing processes.

Dealing with high infrastructure costs?

Quantifi reduces infrastructure cost with exceptional performance on standard hardware.

Quantifi’s cloud enabled solution ensures lower upfront investment and maintenance costs. This allows for a more efficient use of capital investment.

Difficulty keeping up-to-date with markets and regulatory changes?
Quantifi is a client driven company with a long track record of keeping up to date with market and regulatory changes.

Quantifi provides open APIs and tools that give clients the flexibility they need, not just a black box.

Difficulty managing data?

Quantifi integrates with data science technology to provide cloud native, scalable performance for large data sets.

Rich ETL capabilities seamlessly integrated with existing data repositories and third-party data providers.

We have been impressed with Quantifi’s ability to remain at the cutting edge of pricing complex securities and building out scalable, easy to integrate technology. 

Sukho Lee, Executive Director, Structured Credit Trading, Nomura


How to Accelerate XVA Performance

Given the strategic importance of XVA, banks require enhanced capabilities and modern infrastructures to calculate the required credit, funding, and capital adjustments. As banks look to reduce, mitigate, and optimize XVA and other capital charges, they are investing in XVA capabilities in an attempt to solve the computational challenge of simulating a full universe of risk factors.


How is new technology, ML & data science are reshaping trading?

Learn how traders are structuring trades using new technology, how cloud is impacting trading and how machine learning is driving market making and decisioning.


Navigate major trends & developments shaping the industry


The Future of the Front Office

While increased regulatory scrutiny and market volatility continue to put pressure on the front office, new technology, machine learning and data science are reshaping trading.


The Acceleration of Electronic Credit Trading

The adoption of algorithmic trading, systematic market-making strategies and advanced trading protocols requires firms to embrace new technologies.


Mizuho Americas Partners with Quantifi to Support its Robust Equity Derivatives Platform

Quantifi was selected by Mizuho Americas for its responsive service and extensive model library to help supplement its proprietary, in-house technology.