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Cross-asset trading, front-to-back operations, position and risk management and regulatory reporting is all on a single, integrated, real-time platform.

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Investment management firms by nature need to respond rapidly to market shifts to minimise risk and take advantage of new opportunities presented by market and regulatory change. Quantifi’s Portfolio Management System (PMS) addresses these changes with an integrated platform that breaks down barriers between front, middle and back office functions. We provide comprehensive cross-asset support for all major asset classes including credit, fixed income, money markets, equities, FX, rates and commodities.

An integrated platform to support front-to-back office functions

Provide new levels of usability, flexibility & integration

Trusted by start-ups & some of the largest investment managers


This is How We Do it

Cross-asset Support

Cross-asset Support

Comprehensive coverage across all major asset classes: fixed income, money markets, equities, FX, rates, credit, commodities.

Calculate & Report Risk

Calculate & Report Risk

Market risk measures include VaR, sensitivities, ‘what if’ analysis and complex user-defined scenarios can be calculated and reported.

Position Management and P&L

Position Management and P&L

Accurately calculated in real time including options to value using different currencies, sensitivity-based and revaluation explanations and audit.

Enhance Operational Efficiency

Enhance Operational Efficiency

A fully configurable workflow  allowing integration with administrators, PBs, clearing houses and others.

Seamlessly Integrate

Seamlessly Integrate

Open architecture seamlessly integrates with existing systems as well as prime brokers & fund administrators using unique plug-in APIs.

Manage Trade Life Cycle

Manage Trade Life Cycle

Manage the full trade life cycle with end-to-end support for trade progression from inception to maturity.

client stories

Why companies choose Quantifi

“Quantifi comes with great Excel add-ins and APIs that allow us to quickly prototype new analytics and integrate with our proprietary models. We can also leverage on Quantifi’s existing reporting capabilities and user interfaces, which saves us time and money. “

Laurence Penn
Vice Chairman and COO, Ellington Management Group

“With Quantifi’s strong emphasis on quantitative techniques for modelling and comprehensive risk management capabilities, we have enhanced how we track, trade and risk monitor investment opportunities and its platform facilitates the active management of our portfolios”

Michael Hattab
Senior Portfolio Manager, LFIS

“As our structured credit business is expanding, we wanted a more powerful set of models and analytics. Our decision to work with Quantifi was driven by its strong track record as well as the flexibility and ease of use of the solution.”

David Benamou
Chief Investment Officer at Axiom Alternative Investments

“Quantifi’s cloud-enabled platform will also allow us to scale faster and more efficiently as the fund expands. As a start-up fund we wanted to get up and running in a predictable timeframe, and Quantifi’s support team was instrumental in helping us to achieve this.”

Michael Phelps
CIO, Tresidor

Quantifi is the core of our infrastructure and is implemented across our front, middle and back office for intra-day pricing, pre-trade analytics, stress testing and intra-day and end-of-day risk runs. Quantifi rates high on ease-of-use, its unique modelling capabilities and the flexibility to define custom workflows.


Next Generation Portfolio Management System

Delivering cross-asset trading, front-to-back operations, position management, accurate analytics, risk management, margining and regulatory reporting, Quantifi’s integrated solution provides consistency between front, middle and back office functions.


Navigate major trends & developments shaping the industry


Leveraging Data Science for Next Generation Risk & PnL

Over the last few years, there has been a step change in the role of data and technology in trading, risk management and investment decision-making. Firms are deploying data science tools to improve risk assessment and business response strategies, and bring more rigour to their operations.

Client Stories

Palm Lane Capital Selects Quantifi’s Portfolio Management Solution

Palm Lane Capital is a London based alternative credit asset manager that applies both quantitative and fundamental analysis to generate returns from relative value opportunities arising from inefficiencies and dislocations in credit markets.


Data Science Enabled Portfolio Management Solution

Quantifi's data science platform provides clients with the ability to do complex data analysis and flexible reporting using Python, Jupyter Notebooks and other popular data science tools. Integrated with Quantifi’s proven portfolio management solution, users benefit from complex client-driven analysis, strategy back-testing, ad-hoc portfolio what-if analysis - all using mixed data sets from diverse sources.

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