Enterprise Risk Management

Powerful, sophisticated and flexible risk management tools that are up to date with the latest market innovations.

Portfolio Monitoring & Risk

A single view of portfolio, market & credit risk

Regulation including MiFID II, Solvency ll and IFRS13 changes the way most products are priced, traded and reported. This complex environment requires comprehensive, accurate and transparent risk management. There is growing demand for solutions, like Quantifi, that provide a consistent view of risk, along with best-of-breed models that generate results that match the market for even the most complex products.

Advanced functionality accurately monitors and measures risk

A single risk view across multiple asset classes

Results that match the market for even the most complex products


Results that Match the Market

Cross-asset Support

Cross-asset Support

Comprehensive cross-asset coverage across all major asset classes: fixed income, money markets, equities, FX, rates, credit, commodities.

Data Management

Data Management

An ETL framework for managing data feeds and a NoSQL database environment for high-performance and agile processing of information.

Pre & Post-trade Analysis

Pre & Post-trade Analysis

Timely pre-deal risk metrics enable users to make risk-adjusted pricing and trading decisions before executing a trade.

Generate Interactive Reports

Generate Interactive Reports

Next generation reporting that includes interactive drill down and aggregation across even the largest data sets.

Sensitivities, Scenarios & VaR

Sensitivities, Scenarios & VAR

A powerful and flexible risk engine that provides rapid historical and what-if scenarios and a full complement of cross-asset class risk measures.

Experience High Performance

Experience High Performance

Built on TBB™ multi-core technology with integrated grid support delivers scalable ultra-high performance.

NZSF was looking for a solution with proven credit and liquidity risk management functionality. Quantifi’s depth of functionality, speed of analytics, asset coverage and ability to generate scenarios has strengthened the funds risk management capabilities across all risk disciplines.

As our structured credit business is expanding, we wanted a more powerful set of models and analytics. Our decision to work with Quantifi was driven by its strong track record as well as the flexibility and ease of use of the solution.

David Benamou, Chief Investment Officer, Axiom Alternative Investments

Best in Class Liquidity Risk Management

An enterprise risk framework designed to help you quantify and monitor key liquidity risk measures covering market and funding risk.


Inflation, rising rates & recession: hidden opportunities & risks

Inflation and rising rates have been the major themes dominating markets over the past year. How can the buy-side navigate current and future inflationary market rotations to take advantage of opportunities and manage risks?


Navigate major trends & developments shaping the industry


Survey: 5 areas firms will be increasing technology spend to enhance risk management

Firms are increasingly turning to trusted fintech providers to drive technology innovation as they have proved to be agile, nimble, iterative, and unconstrained by old technology.

Client Stories

Selwood Asset Management Selects Quantifi’s Single Integrated Portfolio Management System

"Quantifi is the core of our infrastructure and is implemented across our front, middle and back office for intra-day pricing, pre-trade analytics, stress testing and intra-day and end-of-day risk runs."

Client Stories

LFIS Capital Selects Quantifi for Broader Asset Coverage in Front-office Analytics & Risk Management

LFIS Capital (LFIS) is a leading Paris-based quantitative asset manager. Launched in 2013, LFIS has $11 billion of assets under management for a global client base. LFIS combines investment banking and asset management expertise to deliver innovative cross-asset, cross-instrument alternative, multi-asset and dedicated funds and solutions.

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