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You need tools that work faster, perform better, and can scale with your business. Designed from the ground up using the latest, most advanced technology to ensure optimal performance, Quantifi is pushing the boundaries of innovation. This modern technology, combined with outstanding support, ensure seamless implementation with minimal disruption to existing processes.

SaaS framework with microservices architecture

Modern cloud-centric data-science enabled platform

Cross-platform support for Microsoft Windows, Linux, and MacOS

key features

Fast. Scalable. Flexible.

Microservices Architecture

Microservices Architecture

Single-purpose components allow functionality to be consumed in ways applicable to your unique business requirements.

Real-time BI

Real-time BI

A real-time dashboard and reporting engine, based on an in-memory datamart, leverages tech from the open-source big data community.

Ultra-high Performance

Ultra-high Performance

Advanced technology and lambda architecture design that leverage modern CPUs and cloud deliver scalable, ultra-high performance.

Configurable Workflow

Configurable Workflow

Built on industry standard components, the workflow engine has an intuitive GUI and seamlessly interfaces with external systems.

Rich APIs

Rich APIs

Access the tools and APIs used by Quantifi to customise and extend the solution in ways that are supportable and scalable.

ETL Layer

ETL Layer

Rapid and robust bi-directional interfacing with external data sources using a wide variety of formats. It also includes auto-reconcile features.


Microservices. Big Data. Cloud.


Microservices. Big Data. Cloud

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The New Building Blocks of
Financial Technology

Microservices are the next technology innovation that is fundamentally changing the structure of risk technology. How does a microservices-based architecture work and what benefits does it provide compared to a monolithic architecture?

Quantifi Expands Usage
of Microsoft Azure

Quantifi has taken full advantage of the trend towards cloud technology by collaborating with cloud providers like Microsoft Azure. Given the increasing demands from customers, greater regulatory requirements and cost efficiency pressures, more and more firms are embracing cloud strategies.


Data Science Enabled Portfolio Management 

Quantifi’s data science platform enables clients to do complex data analysis and flexible reporting using Python, Jupyter Notebooks and other tools. Integrated with Quantifi’s proven portfolio management solution, users benefit from complex analysis, strategy back-testing, ad-hoc portfolio what-if analysis – all using mixed data sets from diverse sources.


Innovative thinking


How Data Science is Revolutionising Risk Management & Finance

Data science is playing an increasingly pivotal role across capital markets, with the potential to transform decision-making across trading and risk, banking and investment.


Intel & Quantifi Accelerate Derivative Valuations by 700x Using AI on Intel Processors

This paper demonstrates that accurate, real-time pricing for a portfolio of derivatives can be generated locally or in the cloud using AI technology.


How Technology is Transforming the Future of Business

New technologies including AI, big data, Cloud, microservices, Modern CPUs, In-Memory Computing, Lambda Architectures and blockchain are reshaping how firms operate. Quantifi is at the forefront of these changes and our advanced architecture provides clients with significant value and competitive advantage. New technology brings significant benefits in usability, flexibility, scalability, and performance.

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