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Quantifi is a provider of integrated risk, analytics and trading solutions. Founded in 2002, we have over 180 clients across 40 countries including 5 of the 6 largest global banks, 2 of the 3 largest asset managers, leading hedge funds, pension funds, insurers, brokers, clearing members, corporates and other financial institutions.

Quantifi was started with the goal of delivering the same sophisticated risk management and analytics used by the largest banks to all market participants. We have come a long way since then, having expanded our footprint in EMEA, NA and Asia and established a brand that is now synonymous with a commitment to innovation and a strong passion for what we do. Our goal, however, remains the same - to provide our clients with the most advanced, intuitive, flexible solutions to match their business needs.




"As we continue to grow a robust and sustainable business, our exceptional products and services, depth of experience and outstanding customer service distinguishes us from our competitors."

Rohan Douglas, Founder and CEO, Quantifi



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Our Culture


Our focus on people is what makes Quantifi a great place to work. We realise that an investment in our people is an investment in our future. At Quantifi, we have created a culture that encourages innovation and engagement. Working together as part of an exciting, vibrant team, we encourage employees to explore and develop their potential.