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An enterprise solution for managing credit and counterparty risk for global commodity trading firms.

Gain a global view of risk

Better manage exposure

Withstand market disruption and navigate operational complexity with an enterprise-wide solution that puts you in control. Quantifi’s Commodity Counterparty Credit Risk Management System (CCRMS) provides a consolidated, real-time view of exposures and risk globally across your firm. All participants involved in the credit decision making process can use the solution to make optimum credit decisions while managing the associated risk. Automate complex manual tasks and eliminate redundant processes, with a solution that can be easily configured to your needs.

Built in partnership with world-leading commodity trading firms.

Implement a faster and more collaborative credit decision making process.

Seamless integration with internal and external systems, including data providers.


A high performance, scalable solution

Reduce Risk & Complexity

Unify Risk & Limits

Mitigate your risk exposure with limit monitoring, exception processing, pre-deal checks, counterparty scoring & what-if analysis.
Conduct Pre-Deal Checks

Conduct Pre-Deal Checks

Real-time credit line checks on new trades added to existing portfolios. Exposure calculated on an incremental basis.

Counterparty Onboarding

Counterparty Onboarding

Counterparty relationship modelling, counterparty scoring, limits assignment using configurable workflows.

Limits-Based Risk Management

Limits-Based Risk Management

Support for limits monitoring and management across all risk measures. Enterprise-wide consolidation of counterparty exposures.

Credit Analytics Calculations

Credit Analytics Calculations

Comprehensive set of credit risk analytics including mark to market, potential future exposure, receivables & credit VaR.

Simplified Data Management

Simplify Data Management

An ETL framework for managing data feeds and a NoSQL database environment for high-performance and agile processing of information.

Rating Scorecard

Rating Scorecard

Rule based configurable rating system based on qualitative information, financial statements and external ratings, with workflow control & overrides.
Collateral Management

Collateral Management

Advanced collateral management solution with automated processes and workflow for all types of collateral.

Reduce Costs

Reduce Costs

Automated processes reduce costs, improve efficiency and allows firms to respond faster to markets events to mitigate losses.


A clear vision

At Quantifi, we understand the challenges that commodity trading firms face, and we offer solutions that can help you transform your business.

Want to save time and automate manual processes?

Manual, bespoke processes are slow and error prone. Commodity trading firms are looking to automate processes so they can reduce costs and respond faster to volatile markets.

Quantifi automates complex tasks to reduce operational risk, eliminate redundant processes and increase resource efficiency. These automated processes also speed up decision making, allowing firms to respond faster to markets events and mitigate losses.

Need to know accurate exposure to a counterparty at any point in time?

Get better answers, faster. Quantifi’s CCRMS provides a consolidated, real-time view of exposures and risk globally across the firm.

Reduce risk and complexity by monitoring credit risk concentrations by counterparties, commodities, business lines, countries etc. in real-time and conduct real-time credit line checks on new trades added to existing portfolios.

Managing and maintaining multiple systems?

Global commodity trading firms must manage an array of counterparty risks. Historically, firms have relied on multiple tools for counterparty credit risk management, including Excel spreadsheets, for exposure calculations and reporting, and email to communicate credit decisions.

Quantifi’s single, fully-integrated solution provides enterprise-wide credit and counterparty risk management.

Quantifi’s broad functionality reduces the need for multiple systems.

Looking to implement a consistent counterparty evaluation methodology?

Quantifi’s CCRMS was built in collaboration with world-leading commodity trading firms. This collaboration resulted in a solution designed to standardise counterparty evaluation enterprise-wide.

Quantifi is a single solution for all participants in the credit decisions and risk management processes and facilitates a consistent credit policy across the enterprise. Users can model counterparty hierarchies and corresponding exposure rollup rules and have access to counterparty scoring and limit assignment based on multiple methodologies.

Difficulty managing data?

Providing access to the right data and analytics to the right people is crucial to commodity trading firms. Quantifi integrates with data science technology to provide cloud native, scalable performance for large data sets.

Rich ETL capabilities seamlessly integrated with existing data repositories and third-party data providers.

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Delivering excellence

Delivering excellence

Putting you in control

Are you relying on traditional, manually intensive methods to evaluate and respond to risk? Our solution gives you a clear, enterprise wide view of market and credit exposures so you can better manage your tolerance and capacity for risk.


Innovative thinking


Rethinking risk: the role of XVA in commodity markets

Commodity trading firms face heightened complexity amidst volatility in today's market. Holistic credit risk management is crucial and firms have been prompted to reassess practices to navigate risks effectively.

Client Stories

Multinational commodity firm selects Quantifi for XVA trading & counterparty risk management

The client is a leading market maker specialising in energy and metals derivatives that provides comprehensive coverage across physical commodities, listed derivatives and OTC derivatives in oil, gas, power, emissions and metals.


Commodity Markets: Managing Risk During Times of Volatility

This paper examines the distinctive challenges in risk management that commodity trading firms face and how they are responding to such risks to endure market disruptions.

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