A Single View
of Risk

A single view of market, counterparty and credit risk with results that match the market for even the largest and most complex portfolios.


Enterprise Risk Management

The capital markets have become more diverse and increasingly complex. The weight of regulatory reform, including Basel lll, EMIR, Dodd-Frank, IOSCO and FRTB has transformed best practice for risk management. Quantifi’s integrated risk framework allows you to manage all of your risk measures in a single system and incorporates market leading models that generate results that match the market. Quantifi’s modern cloud-native technology stack provides clients with an environment that optimises operations for greater flexibility, scalability, and agility.

Market Risk →

Accurately measure and manage market risk with advanced tools

Counterparty Risk →

Measure counterparty risk for even the largest most complex of portfolios

Credit →

Sophisticated credit analytics and risk management with fast, accurate pricing


A Single View of Risk

Cross-asset Support

Cross-asset Support

Market tested and validated models (fixed income, rates, FX, credit, equities & commodities).

Simple Data Management

Simple Data Management

Rich ETL capabilities seamlessly integrate with in-house data repositories and 3rd party providers.

Real-time Risk

Real-time Risk

Built on advanced technology designed to calculate both trade and portfolio level pricing and risk in real time. 

Pre & Post-Trade Analysis

Pre & Post-Trade Analysis

Pre-trade compliance, limit checks and what-if-analysis as well as post-trade analysis at portfolio and trade level.

Intuitive to Use

Intuitive to Use

Pre-defined templates and sample worksheets make getting started simple for even our most complex models.

Scalable Architecture

Scalable Architecture

A highly optimised analytics engine that can be scaled both horizontally (grid) and vertically (multi-core).

Sensitivities & Scenarios

Sensitivities & Scenarios

Rapid historical and what-if scenarios and a full complement of cross-asset class risk measures.

Risk Reporting

Risk Reporting

Reporting that includes interactive drill-down and aggregation across even the largest data sets.

Seamless Integration

Seamless Integration

An open architecture that seamlessly integrates with existing processes and systems using unique plug-in APIs.


Why Quantifi?

At Quantifi, we understand the challenges banks face, and we offer solutions that can help them transform their business.

Managing and maintaining multiple systems?

Open and flexible architecture seamlessly integrates with existing systems, giving firms the option to unify processes. Quantifi’s single, fully integrated solution provides enterprise-wide risk, trading, valuation and regulatory reporting

Quantifi’s broad functionality reduces the need for multiple systems.

Difficult to integrate new solutions and/or implement upgrades?

New technology combined with outstanding support ensure a fast, seamless implementation with minimal disruption to existing processes.

Dealing with high infrastructure costs?

Quantifi reduces infrastructure cost with exceptional performance on standard hardware.

Quantifi’s cloud enabled solution ensures lower upfront investment and maintenance costs. This allows for a more efficient use of capital investment.

Difficulty keeping up-to-date with markets and regulatory changes?
Quantifi is a client driven company with a long track record of keeping up to date with market and regulatory changes.

Quantifi provides open APIs and tools that give clients the flexibility they need, not just a black box.

Difficulty managing data?

Quantifi integrates with data science technology to provide cloud native, scalable performance for large data sets.

Rich ETL capabilities seamlessly integrated with existing data repositories and third-party data providers.

We required a next-generation multi-asset trading and portfolio management system to provide complete risk management, accurate valuations, taking into consideration OIS discounting, and advanced counterparty risk analytics.

Bokar Cherif, Head of Funding and Market Operations

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Client Stories

Helaba Enhances Enterprise-Wide Derivatives Counterparty Risk Management

Helaba, one of the leading German banks, with a workforce of approximately 6,300 and a balance sheet total of around EUR 180 billion, offers financial services to companies, banks, institutional investors and the public sector, both within Germany and internationally. The bank also acts as central clearing institution and service provider for 40% of German savings banks.

Client Stories

OeKB selects Quantifi to Replace Existing Front-to-Middle Solution

Oesterreichische Kontrollbank AG (OeKB) is a specialised institution owned by commercial banks located in Austria. OeKB’s mandate is to support the Austrian economy, offering a uniquely broad variety of services to Austria´s industry and capital market participants. These include services for exports and foreign investments and capital and energy markets services. As of June 2016, OeKB had total assets of €29 billion and employed over 400 people.

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