Improve valuations, increase transparency, and simplify operations with portfolio and risk management tools you can trust.

A holistic view of risk

Sophisticated modelling
& consistent pricing

The implementation of MiFID II, Basel lll, Solvency ll and IFRS13 changed the way almost all portfolios are priced, traded and reported. You can rely on Quantifi’s valuation and risk management solution to remain aligned with the latest regulatory and accounting requirements, placing you at the forefront of industry best practices. Optimise the balance between your risk and return with enhanced trade processing, sophisiticated modelling and consistent pricing across assets and liabilities.


Portfolio Management →

Identify and evaluate risk with greater accuracy, granularity and timeliness.

Analytics →

Ensure your asset returns meet your liabilities with sophisticated analytics

Risk Management →

Become agile in driving returns and remove time consuming and costly processes.

Asset Liability Management →

Ensure investments track liabilities while minimising risk.


This is how we do it

Cross-Asset Coverage

Cross-Asset Coverage

Comprehensive cross-asset coverage across all major asset classes: fixed income, money markets, equities, FX, rates, credit, commodities.


Analyse P&L

Calculated in real time, including options to value using different currencies, sensitivity-based and revaluation explanations and audit.

Liabilities Modelling

Liabilities Modelling

A Structured Product Framework (SPF), to model complex liabilities and financial payoffs as well as conditions under which payoffs become effective.

Compliance & Limits

Compliance & Limits

Compliance, limit checks, what-if analysis and regulatory features designed to mitigate a firm’s exposure.

Asset Liability Management

Asset Liability Management

Full support for complex scenario analysis for effective asset liability management.

Real-time Risk & Reporting

Real-time Risk & Reporting

Market risk measures, including VaR, sensitivities, ‘what if’ analysis and complex scenarios.

The benefit of using Quantifi is very apparent to the interest rate derivatives team as we now have the ability to make better decisions, place better trades and enhance risk management, which ultimately improves return for our clients. 

Arne Løftingsmo, Portfolio Manager at KLP Kapitalforvaltning AS

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How to get the most out of
your LDI strategy

Liability-driven investment (LDI) is a core investment strategy for many life insurers, pension schemes and asset managers. It is an approach to investment in which all or part of the strategy is designed to match a scheme’s liabilities. This paper explores how, with the right technology, firms can achieve better results to get the most out of their LDI strategy.

A complete solution for LDI decision-making

LDI managers need powerful, flexible risk and valuation technology. Quantifi makes it easy for firms to achieve their funding targets while successfully navigating business, market and regulatory change.


Innovative thinking


Quantifi Named Technology Firm of the Year at the Insurance Asset Management Awards

Risk management is a fundamental and integral aspect of the insurance asset management industry. The implementation of MiFID II, Basel lll, Solvency ll and IFRS13 has changed the way almost all portfolios are priced, traded and reported.


Quantifi Wins Best Implementation at a Buy-Side Firm at the WatersTechnology Awards

WatersTechnology, a feature-driven magazine covering both the business and technology issues of the Buy-Side Technology and Sell-Side Technology brands and their respective markets, has awarded Quantifi with Best Implementation at a Buy-Side Firm.


Optimise Your LDI Strategy

The key objective for a life insurer, pension scheme or asset manager is to ensure there is sufficient cash flow to fund future payment obligations to clients. However, achieving this goal in a low-rate environment with increasing regulatory oversight and capital requirements is becoming ever more challenging. As a result, many insurance and pension providers are turning to LDI strategies to more readily attain their funding target.

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