Modern Open Technology

By adopting the latest technology innovations we are pushing the boundaries of what technology can do for our clients

Quantifi recognises that in today's fast paced environment businesses need tools that work faster, perform better, and can scale to their needs. Market participants who in the past have relied on proprietary tools are realising they are no longer adequate to satisfy current market conditions. Owing to the power and sophistication of our modern technology, infrastructure and architecture, Quantifi can push the boundaries of what technology can do for our clients.


Quantifi Technology Architecture Diagram


Fast. Scalable. Flexible

As an early adopter of key technologies we give our clients advantages in terms of speed, scalability, flexibility and usability


Microservices architecture


Microservices Architecture 

Small, API-accessible, single-purpose components allow functionality to be consumed in ways most applicable to client requirements


Business intelligence and reporting

Business Intelligence & Reporting

In-memory hypercube technology and multi-threaded processing provides high performance for even the largest and most complex portfolios

Highly scalable


Highly Scalable

Intelligent distribution for horizontal scaling (Microsoft HPC compute grid) and vertical scaling (multi-core processing)


Configurable workflow

Configurable Workflow

A fully configurable workflow engine built on industry standard components for complete control and operational efficiency
Advanced data management

Advanced Data Management

Tools and utilities that provide extensive data management with permissions, versioning & auditing


ETL layer


ETL Layer

Rapid and robust bi-directional interfacing with external data sources and includes auto-reconcile features


Microservices Explained

We make smart investments in new technology that
translates into long-term value for our clients

Featured Video explaining Microservices Technology



Microservices are the next technology innovation that is fundamentally changing the structure of risk technology. Find out how a microservices-based architecture works and the benefits it provides, compared to a monolithic architecture. 


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How Technology is
Transforming the Future
of Business


New technologies including AI, Big Data, Cloud, Microservices, Modern CPUs, In-Memory Computing, Lambda Architectures and Blockchain are reshaping how firms operate. Quantifi is at the forefront of these changes and our advanced architecture provides clients with significant value and a competitive advantage.


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.NET Platform

A .NET technology platform offers a comprehensive set of frameworks, including
scripting, workflow, distributed services, and high-performance computing 

Blog Post about .Net Platform and What is .NET Core?

What is .NET Core?

Microsoft have announced the release of .NET Core, describing it as a “cross-platform, open source, and modular .NET platform for creating modern web apps, microservices, libraries and console applications.” In this Q+A, Quantifi explains what .Net Core is and outlines how it benefits for Quantifi customers.


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Featured Video

Rohan Douglas, CEO, talks about how Quantifi is leveraging Intel to enhance performance


Find out how Quantifi is leveraging Intel to enhance performance

Performance is critical to our clients being able to accurately measure their risks. For example, calculating the counterparty exposure for a mid-size bank’s trades may involve over 25 trillion trade valuations, each of which requires significant computation.

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