Modern Open Technology

By adopting the latest technology innovations we are pushing the boundaries of what technology can do for our clients


Quantifi recognises that in today's fast paced environment you need tools that work faster, perform better, and can scale with your business. Market participants who in the past have relied on proprietary tools are realising they are no longer adequate to satisfy current market conditions. Given the power and sophistication of our modern technology infrastructure and architecture, Quantifi is pushing the boundaries of what technology can do for our clients. As an early adopter of key technologies that have proven themselves outside of the financial markets, we give our clients advantages in terms of speed, scalability, flexibility and usability.

Technology Architecture

.NET Technology Platform

Our solutions are designed from the ground up using the latest, most advanced technology and design patterns to ensure optimal performance. We adopted .NET as our technology platform as it offers a comprehensive set of frameworks, including scripting, workflow, distributed services, and high-performance computing. Clients benefit from leveraging their knowledge of these frameworks rather than being locked in to a proprietary vendor API.


What is .Net Core?

In June of 2016, Microsoft announced the release of .NET Core, describing it as a “cross-platform, open source, and modular .NET platform for creating modern web apps, microservices, libraries and console applications.” In this Q+A Quantifi CTO, Mark Traudt, explains what .Net Core is and outlines how it benefits for Quantifi customers.

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Microservice Architecture

Quantifi is based on a microservices architecture, consisting of small, API-accessible, single-purpose components. Quantifi microservices architecture promotes developing testing, deploying and managing of applications composed of autonomous self-contained components built around system functionality, with each running its own process. This new approach is fundamentally different from the way traditional applications are designed, developed and deployed. Each individual microservice implement a different slice of functionality, with each microservice exposing an API that is accessible through REST and industry-standard JMS messaging. A microservices architecture allows Quantifi functionality to be consumed in different ways that are most applicable to our client’s unique business requirements. Clients write applications that interface with Quantifi, and also seamlessly interface their existing systems with the data and services that Quantifi provides. This service based architecture addresses the modern business imperatives of speed, agility and scalability.


Microservices - The New Building Blocks of Financial Technology

"In the mid-long term, we expect that the smart evolution, utilization and deployment towards Microservices Architecture will be one of the bedrocks for the future evolution of front office, risk, and compliance systems innovation"

Cubillas Ding, Research Director, Celent

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Big Data Techniques

The ever-increasing volume and complexity of data involved in a typical customer risk run mandates architecture specifically designed to support scalability to 'big data' sets. Quantifi continues to invest in data distribution and has been adapted to the heavy demands of big data by utilizing a NoSQL database environment. This allows for high-performance and agile processing of information on a large scale. Quantifi incorporate several design techniques to efficiently handle these large, heterogeneous data sets. The data itself is transmitted and stored using open source technology from Google called Protocol Buffers. This provides an efficient messaging and persistent format for big data, and as it is open-source, customers are not required to use our risk SDK to access the data. Quantifi's repository is also designed in a way to allow results data to be partitioned across multiple servers, further improving scalabilty.


Investment in R&D

A key differentiator is our significant investment in R&D, which combined with close collaboration with our clients, enables us to consistently deliver first-to-market support for the latest market innovations.

Our philosophy is to leverage standard, robust technologies and benefit from the significant innovation occurring in technology. This approach has given our clients significant advantages in performance, scalability, usability, and ease of support. It also has a significant impact on our ability to rapidly turn around enhancements and new features. Unlike systems saddled with years of legacy code, our solutions are designed from the ground up using the latest, most advanced technology and design patterns to ensure optimal performance.



”We recognised that to future-proof our business we would require a re-architecture of our technology infrastructure with a more advanced, robust solution. It was important for us to partner with a proven technology provider that could provide best-in-class front-to-middle office capabilities.”

Stefan Strehle, Senior Manager, International Finance, OeKB