Investment Management

Gain a Clear Competitive Edge

Integrated risk, analytics and portfolio management tools, trusted by 2 of the 3 largest fund managers, to minimise risk and take advantage of opportunities.

Investment management firms, by their nature, need to respond rapidly to market shifts to minimise risk and take advantage of opportunities presented by market and regulatory change, including new asset classes, new valuation methodologies, new operational processes including central clearing, increased credit and liquidity risk, cost pressures and new regulatory reporting. Quantifi's pricing and risk management tools provide investment managers with a competitive edge.

Portfolio Management

Portfolio Management

Cross-asset risk, analytics and trading consistently delivered across front-to-back office environments  Find out more >



Consistent, timely and accurate pre/post-trade analytics including sensitivity and scenario analysis  Find out more >

Risk Management

Risk Management

A powerful risk engine provides rapid historical and what-if scenarios to accurately monitor and manage risk  Find out more >



Key Features

Quantifi's award-winning technology and advanced functionality breaks down the
barriers between front, middle and back office functions







Improve trading

Improve Trading

Trade across multiple investment strategies with cross-asset coverage: fixed income, credit, rates, FX, equities, loans and commodities
  Make the Right Investment Decisions

Make the Right Investment Decisions

Make sound investment decisions with a consistent, real-time view of market and liquidity risk across front to back office functions 
Construct and analyse portfolios

Construct & Analyse Portfolios

Respond to changing market conditions with a consistent portfolio construction and risk analysis framework


Enhance Operational Efficiency

Enhance Operational Efficiency

An extensive and fully configurable workflow, using an intuitive GUI, for complete control and operational efficiency
Minimise risk

Minimise Risk

Accurately monitor risk on a portfolio and incremental basis and evaluate portfolio impact

Automate Trade Processing

Automate Trade Processing

Simplify and automate your trade processing using intuitive and highly customisable GUIs 

Run pre-deal risk metrics

Run Pre-deal Risk Metrics

Optimise risk-adjusted pricing and trading decisions using timely pre-deal risk metrics

Satisfy Compliance & Limits

Satisfy Compliance & Limits

Mitigate exposure with a suite of limits, compliance and regulatory functions 

Enhance transparency

Enhance Transparency

Complete transparency of your positions with reports that drill-down into diversification, durations and cash positions

Analyse P&L

Analyse P&L

Accurately analyse P&L and risk at a granular level using a configurable reporting engine


The Market Leader in Structured Credit 

Quantifi is the market leader for credit analytics and risk management.
We offer the most comprehensive asset class coverage and
advanced functionality available in the market. 


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What Our Clients Say



“The advanced functionality and flexibility  has made it easier for us to engage in price discovery."

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"We believe that Quantifi will allow us to continue rapidly developing our credit business."

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"Quantifi analytics are particularly powerful and flexible, and we highly value the robust functionality."


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“To support the launch of our fund we wanted a solution with advanced modelling techniques and a flexible, scalable framework. Quantifi’s market-leading credit analytics and open architecture made it the best choice for our fund.”

Michael Phelps, CIO, Tresidor


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Modern Technology

Leveraging next-generation technology based on microservices, big data and the cloud to give our clients the advantages of speed, scalability, flexibility and usability


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