Our commitment extends beyond our products and services. We are also passionate about social issues in our local neighbourhoods and global community



"Quantifi has long been a believer in corporate citizenship. The company and its employees have a history of giving back to local communities and we have made a commitment to donate 3% of all profits to charitable causes. I think this is a great way for Quantifi to share its current success."

Rohan Douglas, Founder and CEO, Quantifi



  • City Vs Wharf, 5K run - final warm ups
  • City Vs Wharf, 5K run - We're all winners
  • New Jersey - colour run
  • Overlook 5K - Kathy and Hehui relieved to have completed the race
  • City Vs Wharf, 5K run - Sabina sprints to the finish line
  • City Vs Wharf, 5K run - Not Quite Bolt but Good Effort
  • City Vs Wharf, 5K run - Ellen nears the finishing line
  • London to Brighton - 54 miles completed, just about!
  • London to Brighton 2015 - struggling
  • London to Brighton - great views along the way
  • London to Brighton - final leg of the ride
  • London to Brighton 2015 - a well deserved drink
  • London to Brighton 60 Mile Slog
  • Overlook 5k - a family affair
  • Overlook 5k - Mark congratulates the team
  • Overlook 5k - Hehui taking things seriously, not
  • Rohan Runs 10km - Next stop the NYC marathon!
  • 10km London City Run
  • City Vs Wharf, 5K run - everyone looking exhausted

Corporate citizenship is central to our business and we are committed to making a positive impact in the community based on our key values:

Social responsibility both locally and globally: We believe that in order to sustain a healthy global environment, we as a firm must be supportive of the growth of our communities. We view environmental and social stewardship as an important corporate responsibility.


A culture that welcomes community initiatives: We support employees by encouraging them to take time out of the workday to participate in community initiatives, we also directly contribute financially to everything from medical research to community enrichment programs.


Sustainable and sound corporate development: We take the long-term view in everything we do, including tying our success to the long-term success of our clients, investing in the growth of employees and tying our employee’s success to that of the company with an employee stock option plan that encourages an entrepreneurial environment and individual responsibility.


Conduct business to the highest ethical standards: Our belief is that conducting business to the highest ethical standards is not just good corporate behavior, but also good business. Consistent with our long-term view, high ethical standards are essential for successful long-term business and employee relationships.


Promote a work environment of diversity and equal opportunity: Quantifi believes that diversity adds strength. We foster a culture that allows for diversity, and respects the privacy rights of employees, clients, and partners.


Helping Promote Economic Growth


"We are delighted with the opportunity to support AFD in promoting economic growth and social development across several continents"

Rohan Douglas, CEO, Quantifi


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