WBS 16th Quantitative Finance Conference
Every year, the Quantitative Finance Conference organized by WBS brings together professionals, researchers, academics, and leading experts in quantitative finance from all over the world to share and discuss their knowledge and experiences, new perspectives, and innovations in the industry.

Event Overview

  • Day 1: machine learning in Quantitative Finance
  • Day 2: Machine Learning in Quantitative Finance
  • Day 3: Volatility, Options & Modelling
  • Day 4: Latest XVA Developments
  • Day 5: Regulations & Machine Learning Panel

Quantifi & Intel Presentation – Quantifi Leverages Intel® Hardware to Accelerate XVA Calculations

Day 4 – 19th November -17:30 GMT / 18:30 CET / 12:30 EST

Calculating XVAs requires Microservices Architecture using distributed computing for achieving scalability, reliability and resilience. Loading data, transferring and saving results can introduce I/O issues causing significant degradation in overall system performance. This presentation explains how Quantifi achieved end-to-end acceleration using Intel’s CPU and Optane™ Persistent Memory technology solutions.


  • Rama Krishna Nagamalla, Senior Software Developer, Quantifi
  • Mahesh Bhat, Principal Engineer, Intel Corporation

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