The Dynamics Driving Financial Markets, NYC Conference, 2023

Quantifi's annual trading and risk conference, at The Harmonie Club in New York, brought together delegates from across the industry to discuss inflation, rising rates and the effect of geopolitics and macroeconomics.

Inflation, rising rates, and investor interest – hidden opportunities and risk

Inflation and rising rates have been the major themes dominating markets over the past year. How can the buy-side navigate current and future inflationary market rotations to take advantage of opportunities and manage risks?

The effect of geopolitics and macroeconomics on bank trading and risk

Economic uncertainty and geopolitical risk have significant influence on investment decisions and risk-related activities. This panel explores how economics and geopolitical uncertainties affect bank trading and risk models.


  • Santhosh Bandreddi, Structured Credit Trader, Centiva Capital
  • Michael Sternberg, Managing Director, Analytics & Modeling, BlackRock
  • Yury Dubrovsky, Chief Risk Officer, Lazard
  • Peter Cecchini, Director of Research, Axonic Capital
  • Marc Vial, Head of Risk Analytics, Mizuho Group
  • Katharyn Meyer, Head of Financial Markets, Americas, ING Capital Markets
  • Dmitry Pugachevsky, Director of Research, Quantifi


Innovative thinking


Managing Inflation Risk with Hedging Strategies

Inflation can erode the value of investments and reduce the purchasing power of cash flows, which can be particularly detrimental to fixed-income investments.


Model Risk Management: Strengthening Model Governance

This paper explores the key reasons why financial firms establish MRM frameworks and describes the transition from ad hoc individual model analysis to formal firmwide model governance and validation functions.


The Dynamics Driving Capital Markets, London Conference, 2022

Quantifi's 8th annual trading and risk conference, at Ironmongers' Hall in London, brought together delegates from across the industry to discuss inflation, rising rates and recession and evolution of electronic fixed income trading.

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