The Dynamics Driving Capital Markets, London Conference, 2023

Quantifi's 9th London trading and risk conference, brought together delegates from across the industry to discuss opportunities, challenges and strategies in fixed income and best practices in counterparty and credit risk management.

Buy-side Panel: Fixed Income – Opportunities, Challenges & Strategies

This panel explores the latest initiatives in fixed income and how careful assessment of risks and opportunities can offer attractive returns and portfolio stability.


  • Ahrash Daneshvar, Senior Portfolio Manager, Cheyne Capital
  • Bryn Jones, Head of Fixed Income, Rathbones Investment Management
  • Michael Reed, Partner, BlueBay Asset Management
  • Tom Nickalls, Fixed Income Trader, Ninety One


Innovative thinking


Integration of ESG: Front Office and Enterprise Risk Synergy

Collaboration, data-driven insights, and strategic alignment between these functions is crucial to navigate the multifaceted ESG landscape successfully.


Mastering Interest Rate Curve Construction

Banks, investment firms, and other market participants value and manage large notionals of interest rate derivatives, bonds, loans, structured products, and other cash instruments that are sensitive to changes in interest rates.


Farewell LIBOR, Hello SOFR: Analytical Hurdles & Fixed Income Implications

The main hurdles in transitioning from LIBOR to SOFR are the fundamental difference between the two rates and the need for increased liquidity in the SOFR derivatives market.

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