The Dynamics Driving Capital Markets, London Conference, 2022

Quantifi's 8th annual trading and risk conference, at Ironmongers' Hall in London, brought together delegates from across the industry to discuss inflation, rising rates and recession and evolution of electronic fixed income trading.

Inflation, rising rates and recession:
hidden opportunities and risks

Inflation and rising rates have been the major themes dominating markets over the past year. How can the buy-side navigate current and future inflationary market rotations to take advantage of opportunities and manage risks?

Is new technology redefining the front-office?
Q&A: Ersel Korusoy, Standard Chartered Bank

With increasing regulatory scrutiny and market volatility, firms are seeking tools to help enhance operations, decision-making and risk management. How is the front-office leveraging new technology to drive efficiencies and increase profitability?


  • Clark Nicholls, Senior Portfolio Manager / Analyst, AXA Investment Managers
  • Thomas Roderick, Macro Portfolio Manager, Trium Capital
  • Antonello Russo, Managing Director, BlackRock
  • Ersel Korusoy, Executive Director: Electronic Fixed Income Trading, Standard Chartered Bank
  • Alexei Tchernitser, Director, Analytics Solutions, Quantifi


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