Sell-Side Pains are Buy-Side Gains

Avadhut Naik, Quantifi, and Paul Rowady, TABB Group discuss the need for more holistic risk management on the buy-side and the next generation of portfolio management tools

As regulatory capital charges make it more expensive for sell-side banks to hold certain risk, they are anxious to remove that risk from their balance sheets. For buy-side firms looking for higher returns in the current low-interest-rate environment, taking on those risks can be a big opportunity, notes Avadhut Naik, product manager, Quantifi. But to manage these new risks and take advantage of that opportunity, the buy side needs new tools and new analytics. Naik and TABB Group principal and senior analyst Paul Rowady discuss the need for more holistic risk management on the buy side and the next generation of portfolio management tools.


Innovative thinking


Buy-Side System Requirements

Leading investment managers are examining integrated front-to-back systems that can provide a complete solutions for all of their analytics, trading and risk.


Buy-Side Risk Analytics, Chartis RiskTech Quadrant®

This report covers the competitive landscape for buy-side risk analytics. This report also covers the capabilities and market position of Quantifi for buy-side risk analytics. Chartis believes Quantifi to be one of the leading vendors in the buy-side risk analytics marketplace.


Buy-Side System Requirements Part One

Post-Crisis Reform Radically Reshapes Financial Markets In the last few years, the financial markets have undergone dramatic change. While some of this is down to natural evolution, much of the change can be directly attributed to new rules introduced in the wake of the 2007 crisis. Regulators, legislators and central bank governors have been determined […]

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