Quantifi Whitepaper Explores Managing Inflation with Swaps and Inflation-Linked Bonds

This paper covers hedging inflation with inflation-linked bonds, an overview of real vs nominal yields and the issues around tackling stubborn inflation.
20 Jun, 2023

Quantifi, a provider of risk, analytics and trading solutions, has today announced the release of its latest whitepaper ‘Managing Inflation Risk with Hedging Strategies’. The paper explores the rise in popularity of inflation swaps and inflation-linked (IL) bonds, provides an overview of real vs nominal yields, and the issue of tackling stubborn inflation.

Inflation can impact several financial instruments, including bonds, equities, derivatives, and other investments. By accurately modelling inflation, firms can better forecast future inflation rates, identify potential opportunities or risks and manage their portfolios accordingly. Buy- and sell-side firms have access to a range of products that hedge inflation and pay higher returns in line with higher inflation. They have not been the most popular products for some time, but that is changing.

Firms use inflation swaps and IL bonds to mitigate the impact of inflation on their portfolios. Inflation swaps, help firms better manage and control their exposure to inflation risk, providing stability and predictability in a volatile market environment. Inflation-linked bonds preserve the real value of investments during periods of inflation, giving firms a valuable mechanism for maintaining the purchasing power of their assets. By leveraging these strategies, firms can secure a fixed cash flow, safeguarding against unexpected rises in inflation rates.

Trading and hedging inflation-linked instruments requires access to sophisticated models, such as Quantifi. With the complexity and intricacies involved in pricing and risk management of IL instruments, Quantifi allows clients to accurately value these instruments and make informed trading decisions. With access to models that reflect the evolving landscape of IL instruments, client can enhance the accuracy and reliability of their trading and risk management activities.

“Through the strategic use of inflation swaps and IL bonds, both buy and sell side companies are equipped with powerful risk management tools that provide a robust defence against inflationary pressures,” comments Dmitry Pugachevsky, Director of Research, Quantifi. “By proactively hedging inflation risk in their portfolios, firms can safeguard their financial stability and enhance their resilience in the face of a dynamic economic environment. Leveraging models like Quantifi, firms can gain a competitive edge in inflation linked trading and hedging,” continues Dmitry.

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