Quantifi Supports Counterparty Risk Management at Global Bank
The client, one of the largest financial institutions in Asia Pacific, operates across multiple countries, serving over 10 million banking, consumer and wealth management customers. The client wanted to establish a CVA desk along with the necessary infrastructure to support their Credit, Rates and FX business globally. To do this they required an accurate and sophisticated solution that would allow them to price CVA on trades immediately.


The client required a fast, robust and easy to implement counterparty risk & CVA solution that would seamlessly integrate with their existing infrastructure and provide incremental, accurate and immediate CVA pricing for new trades. Their main focus area for counterparty risk was Rates, including interest rate swaps, amortizing swaps, XCCY swaps, FX products and inflation swaps.

Selection Process

The client considered building out their internal system, however, given their insufficient domain expertise and the ongoing costs associated with adapting their system they realised that partnering with Quantifi was the most viable option. Having evaluated alternate technology solutions Quantifi demonstrated its in-house expertise and deep-domain experience in counterparty risk management.

“Quantifi is a high performance platform that enables financial institutions to proactively manage counterparty and market risk and effectively address CVA accounting requirements and evolving regulatory capital standards, including the new guidelines for securitisations.”

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Case Studies

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Case Studies

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Case Studies

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