Quantifi Releases Version 19 with Major Enhancements to VaR, Live Risk, AI/ML Integration & ARR

Version 19 provides clients with next-generation Value-at-Risk, cloud-based live risk, high performance integration with AI/ML and tools to seamlessly navigate the IBOR transition.
26 Oct, 2021

Quantifi, a provider of risk, analytics and trading solutions, today announced the latest release of its software, Version 19, which contains many new features and enhancements. Version 19 provides clients with next-generation Value-at-Risk (VaR), cloud-based live risk, high performance integration with AI/ML and tools to seamlessly navigate the IBOR transition.

Technology is transforming how firms trade, invest and operate. Financial institutions are set to benefit from increased profitability and efficiency with the adoption of new technologies that can automate and improve their risk architecture. In addition to technology demands, firms are also under pressure to keep their risk management framework up-to-date with the latest regulatory and market developments. V19 incorporates a broad range of new functionality to help Quantifi clients optimise capital, costs and resources.

Key features and enhancements include: 

  • Next generation VaR rebuilt from the ground up leveraging the latest data science and cloud-native technologies to provide a new level of performance, flexibility, and transparency.
  • Cloud based Live Risk along with high volume position aggregation to support high frequency and algorithmic trading strategies.
  • High-performance integration with AI and ML algorithms based on Data Science Technologies that provide a very flexible and powerful analytical framework.
  • Additional tools and functionality to facilitate a Seamless Transition to ARR based contracts including support for broader index compounding and averaging methods as well as appropriate fall-backs where required.

“With an appetite for digitization at an all-time high, financial institutions require faster approaches to leverage the broader ecosystem of services and data. We are observing more firms incorporating data science and learning-based AI approaches to deliver innovative client-centric propositions underpinned by more advanced analytics and operational dexterity,” comments Cubillas Ding, Research Director at Celent’s Capital Markets group.

“Client-driven features and enhancements are central to our product development roadmap. By putting our clients’ needs at the centre of our business strategy, we are able to develop our products efficiently and effectively,” comments Rohan Douglas, CEO, Quantifi. “Our forward-thinking approach and pace of innovation allows us to align our business strategy with new and emerging technologies. This includes extensive adoption of data science and building a cloud-native technology stack,” continues Rohan.

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