Quantifi FRTB Survey

Quantifi breaks down the results from its recent survey on the Fundamental Review of the Trading Book (FRTB). 106 banking practitioners were surveyed to measure opinion on how prepared their firms are for dealing with the impact of FRTB and their approach to addressing implementation challenges.

FRTB places greater pressure on bank business models as it requires a major rethink of front-to-back frameworks and processes. Banks are at varying levels of preparedness to deal with the impact of FRTB. Forward thinking firms are assessing the parameters of FRTB and making decisions on desk structure, technology and methodologies.


Innovative thinking


Portfolio Diversification in FRTB

FRTB impacts financial institutions across all functions as it poses operational, methodology and technology challenges. To meet the requirements financial institutions will need to rethink their business and technology strategies with a view to streamlining their processes and architecture.


FRTB: Moving Towards a Practical Implementation

FRTB heralds a new era in bank risk management, making it one of the most critical items on a bank’s to-do list for the immediate future and beyond.


FRTB: Strengthening Market Risk Practices?

This paper explores both FRTB frameworks in their historical context and how they affect bank balance sheets.

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