Quantifi Commodities Counterparty Risk Management (CCRM)

Commodities are one of the fastest growing markets and over the past two decades have become truly globalized. Trading in commodities requires firms to enter into complex credit arrangements for the sale and transport of goods across multiple regions.

The commodity markets have become increasingly complicated as global regulators introduce changes to way the markets are controlled. In this complex environment firms face increasing challenges in credit risk management which can directly impact company performance. Firms that take an analytic and proactive approach to monitoring and managing risk have a significant competitive advantage.

An enterprise wide solution that is intuitive to use and can be easily configured to meet client specific needs. Built on modern technology architecture Quantifi delivers sophisticated decision making tools & consistent analytics.


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Client Stories

Bunge Selects Quantifi’s Credit & Counterparty Risk Management Solution

Bunge is a leading agribusiness and food company with integrated operations that circle the globe, covering over 40 countries with approximately 35,000 employees.


How the Credit Crisis Has Changed Counterparty Risk Management

CVA desks have been developed in response to crisis-driven regulations for improved counterparty risk management. How do these centralized groups differ from traditional approaches to manage counterparty risk, and what types of data and analytical challenges do they face?


Challenges in Implementing a Counterparty Risk Management Process

The objectives of setting up a counterparty risk management process can be split into three categories - CVA pricing, exposure management, and regulatory requirements.

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