P&L Explain: continue improving

Real-time P&L and P&L Explain are calculated using both the full revaluation method and a sensitivity based approach.

Gain valuable P&L insights to improve your trading and risk management strategies. With Quantifi, you can you can uncover hidden opportunities and better understand the dynamics impacting your investments.

In this video, Jack Goss, Director of Professional Services, explains how Quantifi’s hybrid P&L Explain tool calculates and reports P&L in real-time, accounting for portfolio changes and cash flow and trade lifecycle events.


Innovative thinking


Live P&L and risk: real-time insights

Monitoring risk and P&L in real-time plays an important role in trading performance, risk management, compliance, and maintaining transparency in financial markets.


Leveraging data science for next generation risk & PnL

Over the last few years, there has been a step change in the role of data and technology in trading, risk management and investment decision-making. Firms are deploying data science tools to improve risk assessment and business response strategies, and bring more rigour to their operations.


Data Science Enabled Portfolio Management Solution

Quantifi's data science platform provides clients with the ability to do complex data analysis and flexible reporting using Python, Jupyter Notebooks and other popular data science tools. Integrated with Quantifi’s proven portfolio management solution, users benefit from complex client-driven analysis, strategy back-testing, ad-hoc portfolio what-if analysis - all using mixed data sets from diverse sources.

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