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New Zealand Superfund Takes an Advanced Approach to Credit & Liquidity Risk Management

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New Zealand Superannuation Fund (NZSF) is the sovereign wealth fund of NZ. It’s purpose is to help pre-fund the future pension/superannuation liabilities of an increasingly aging NZ population. Since it was established in 2001, the Fund has grown in size to NZD 45 billion. It is a long-term, growth-oriented fund that invests globally, both directly and through external managers, into a wide range of asset classes and investment products.


NZSF wanted a single view of risk across multiple public and private asset classes. With a complex portfolio, the fund also wanted to improve efficiencies around BI and strategic analysis as they were relying on manual processes for generating risk reports for senior management.

Selection Process

Having identified and assessed a range of options, NZSF decided to investigate a selection of solution providers.
Quantifi was one of several providers considered by NZSF



"NZSF was looking for a solution with proven credit and liquidity risk management functionality. Quantifi’s depth of functionality, speed of analytics, asset coverage and ability to generate scenarios has strengthened the funds risk management capabilities across all risk disciplines."


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