Navigating Market Turmoil with Robust Credit Risk Management

In this video the panel discuss the impact of regulatory and macro-environment factors on global credit risk management, credit risk assessment, establishing credit risk limits and monitoring through PFE & XVA in volatile markets.

This webinar was co-hosted by Quantifi and (Asia Risk)

In the fast-paced and ever-evolving financial world of today, firms must master credit risk management to navigate market volatility. Explore the dynamics of credit risk management and gain insight into risk assessment techniques, challenges, and industry best practices.


  • Impact of regulatory and macro-environment factors on global credit risk management
  • Credit risk assessment: techniques, challenges, and best practices
  • Establishing credit risk limits and monitoring through Potential Future Exposure (PFE)
  • XVA in volatile markets: outlook and future implications


  • Trevor Laight, Chief Risk Officer, CIMB
  • Michael Monteforte, Partner, Financial Risk Management, KPMG
  • Thomas Oliver, Head of Model Validation, Quantifi
  • Michael Heck Wai Yap, Head of Credit Model Validation, Maybank Malaysia


Innovative thinking


Crypto Credit Risk – Lessons Learnt

Since the inception of cryptocurrency markets, crypto assets have carried plenty of risk and risk management concerns.


How to Accelerate XVA Performance

The calculation of XVAs is highly complex. One of the key challenges of XVAs is that adjustments need to be calculated on a portfolio basis rather than trade by trade. This requires dealing with a large number of computations and orders of magnitude more calculations for accurate results.

Client Stories

Helaba Enhances Enterprise-Wide Derivatives Counterparty Risk Management

Helaba, one of the leading German banks, with a workforce of approximately 6,300 and a balance sheet total of around EUR 180 billion, offers financial services to companies, banks, institutional investors and the public sector, both within Germany and internationally. The bank also acts as central clearing institution and service provider for 40% of German savings banks.

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