Microservices: The New Building Blocks of Financial Technology
In these days of ever increasing regulation, weighing risk has never been more critical. Measuring and managing risk across multiple systems is complex and can be costly.

Co-hosted by Quantifi & Celent

Risk technology is undergoing its next wave of innovation with a single integrated solution. Forward looking firms are realising that in the new world, the ability to achieve scale, reliability and flexibility will be a winning factor.


  • Risk and regulatory developments – the journey ahead
  • Rapidly changing market and business drivers influencing technology decisions
  • Common architectural and technology development challenges (current state)
  • The business case for adopting modern technology (future possibilities)
  • Characteristics of the next generation of risk technology – microservices


  • Marc Adler, Chief Architect, Quantifi 
  • Cubillas Ding, Research Director, Celent



Microservices: The New Building Blocks of Financial Technology

The derivatives landscape has evolved greatly over the past few years, driven by the scale and pace of regulatory change, economic unease and competitive pressures. These drivers have heightened the attention on risk technology and operations, forcing firms to re-think their business operating models. The rapid pace of innovation in technology presents a whole new range of possibilities for how technology can be leveraged.


Survey Reveals Strong Trend Towards Microservices Architecture

Quantifi and Celent, a research and advisory firm focused on the application of information technology in the financial services industry, co-hosted a webinar on ‘microservices: The New Building Blocks of Financial Technology’. Delegates were surveyed to measure industry opinion on adopting a microservices approach and highlight technology challenges faced with traditional monolithic platforms. Most firms […]


Quantifi Wins Technology Award for its Microservices Architecture

Quantifi has been named Operational risk technology of the Year at the CIR risk management Awards, for its investment in microservices. This is Quantifi’s third CIR Risk Management award in four years. Judged by an independent panel of experts, the awards distinguish organisations and teams that have significantly added to the understanding and best practice of risk management.

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