Investment Management: Risk

Accurate, Transparent Risk Management

Powerful, sophisticated and flexible risk management tools that are up to date with the latest market innovations

The implementation of new regulations including MiFID II, Solvency ll and  IFRS13 changes the way almost all products are priced, traded and reported. This complex financial environment requires more comprehensive, more accurate and more transparent risk management. There is growing demand for solutions that provide a holistic picture of risk across multiple-asset classes. Quantifi provides a consistent real-time view of risk, along with best-of-breed models incorporating industry best-practice that generate results that match the market for even the most complex product. 


Advanced functionality accurately monitors and measures risk

A single risk view across
multiple asset classes 


Results that match the market for even the most complex products


Key Features

A single, real time view of market and liquidity risk with results
that match the market for even the largest, most complex portfolios



Advanced models (fixed income, rates, FX, credit, equities & commodities) trusted by start-ups and the largest investment managers

Data Management

An ETL framework for managing data feeds and a NoSQL database environment for high-performance and agile processing of information 

Real-time Risk

Built on advanced technology that supports real-time monitoring of risk, with results that match the market for even the most complex products

Real-time Reporting

Next generation reporting that includes interactive drill down and aggregation across even the largest data sets

Advanced Sensitivity & Scenarios

A powerful and flexible risk engine that provides rapid historical and what-if scenarios and a full complement of cross-asset class risk measures 

High Performance & Scalable

Built on TBB™ multi-core technology with integrated grid support delivers scalable ultra-high performance

Pre-trade Analysis

Timely pre-deal risk metrics enable users to make risk-adjusted pricing and trading decisions before executing a trade

Intuitive to Use

Even our  most complex models are intuitive and usable. Numerous pre-defined templates and sample worksheets make getting started simple

Post-trade Analysis

A powerful risk engine calculates, in real-time, the required metrics on an incremental basis for either a single trade or group of trades

Seamless Integration

A unique flexible, open architecture that seamlessly integrates with existing processes and systems using unique plug-in APIs



 “Quantifi’s depth of functionality, speed of analytics, asset coverage and ability to generate scenarios strengthens the funds risk management capabilities across all risk disciplines. With Quantifi as its strategic risk infrastructure, NZSF can optimise operational efficiency with a leaner, more robust system architecture"


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