Investment Management: Analytics

Consistent, Timely & Accurate Analytics

Cross-asset analytics provide timely, accurate and consistent valuation for even the largest and most complex of portfolios

The buy-side markets have undergone dramatic change. The combination of MiFID ll and Solvency ll have resulted in deep ongoing structural changes to the markets. The ability to anticipate and respond to market and portfolio changes are key motivators for investment managers to maintain a strong risk function. Sophisticated and robust analytics are an important component of this capability. Quantifi's advanced cross-asset analytics combined with new technology significantly enhance the ability for firms to monitor and control risk.


A powerful, flexible, modern technology architecture

A powerful, flexible,
modern technology architecture

Timely, accurate and consistent results, enterprise-wide

Timely, accurate and consistent
results, enterprise-wide

Advanced functionality and responsive client services

Advanced functionality and
responsive client services


Key Features

Leverage the latest, most powerful technology for the fastest, most accurate and extensible cross-asset (fixed income, rates, FX, credit, equities & commodities) analytics engine


Cross-Asset Support

Advanced models (fixed income, rates, FX, credit, equities & commodities) trusted by start-ups and the largest investment managers

Have Complete Control

Full transparency and control for all model inputs, methodologies, data and results. Detailed documentation provided for all models

Generate Accurate Analytics

Stable, accurate results in a fraction of the time previously possible for even the largest and most complex portfolios

Open & Extendible

Open platform for clients to integrate their own models and data using standard technologies, rather than scripting languages or rigid APIs

Run Scenario & Sensitivity Analysis

A set of finite-difference and ultra-fast semi-analytic sensitivities and scenario functions

Scale to Support Business Needs

Highly optimised analytics engine can be scaled both horizontally (grid) and vertically (multi-core)


Perform Pre & Post-trade Analysis

Pre-trade compliance, limit checks and what-if-analysis as well post-trade analysis at portfolio and individual trade levels

Intuitive to Use

Even our most complex models are intuitive and usable. Numerous pre-defined templates and sample worksheets make getting started simple


What Our Clients Say

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"NewOak required a sophisticated platform. We chose to integrate Quantifi because their product complemented our existing technology framework while adding a high level of functionality.”

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"Quantifi is trusted by leading financial institutions and this proven expertise makes it the ideal solution to strengthen and support our trading and risk management capacity and frameworks."

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"The unique combination of intuitive data management, fast, accurate risk analysis, and flexible, detailed reporting gives us the confidence to make informed investment decisions." 


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Featured Video with Avadhut Naik, Quantifi, talking to TABB Group on TabbFORUM: Sell-Side Pains are Buy-Side Gains

TabbFORUM: Sell-Side Pains are Buy-Side Gains

Avadhut Naik, Quantifi, talks to TABB Group about how as regulatory capital charges make it more expensive for banks to hold certain risk, they are anxious to remove that risk from their balance.
For buy-side firms looking for higher returns, taking on those risks can be a big opportunity.


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Buy-Side Analytics, RiskTech Quadrant®

This report covers the competitive landscape for buy-side risk analytics. This report also covers the capabilities and market position of Quantifi for buy-side risk analytics. Chartis believes Quantifi to be one of the leading vendors in the buy-side risk analytics marketplace.

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