Identifying Liquidity Risk for Financial Stability
Quantifi, OTC Partners and BlackRock discuss liquidity risk. This webinar explores the importance of liquidity in the functioning of financial markets and the increasing regulatory pressures on buy side firms to ensure strong liquidity risk management practices are being carried out.

Co-hosted by Quantifi & OTC Partners


  • What is driving liquidity risk?
  • Strategic and tactical challenges for buy side firms managing liquidity risk
  • Innovations in technology for liquidity risk management


  • Antonello Russo, Director- Risk Management, BlackRock
  • Rahul Patel, Senior Business Consultant, Quantifi
  • Sol Steinberg, Founding Principal, OTC Partners



Managing Liquidity Risk in Times of Stress

Historically, liquidity risk has been the poor cousin of market risk and credit risk. While the global financial crisis of 2008/2009 first pushed the issue of liquidity risk to the forefront of attention, the most recent market dislocation due to the COVID-19 pandemic has once again highlighted the salient significance of the topic. This is particularly so for institutional investment managers who have to meet margin calls, perform regular fund rebalancing, execute redemptions, among other potentially liquidity-threatening activities. Failure to afford liquidity risk management the focus and priority jeopardizes the health of an institution, perhaps fatally so.


Identifying Liquidity Risk for Financial Stability

The global financial crisis highlighted the importance of liquidity in functioning financial markets. Pre-2008, market participants received easy access to readily available funding and were ill-prepared for events that transpired during the credit crisis. Failure to adequately assess and manage liquidity underpinned major market turmoil, triggering unprecedented liquidity events and the ultimate demise of Bear Stearns, Lehman Brothers and other financial institutions previously thought too big to fail.


How Are Firms Managing Liquidity Risk?

In this blog post, Quantifi breaks down the results from its recent survey on managing liquidity. 108 delegates were surveyed to measure opinion on how their firms are dealing with liquidity and their approach to IT and operational challenges. The survey was conducted as part of a webinar co-hosted by Quantifi, OTC Partners & BlackRock […]

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