Q&A with Lisa David,
Head of HR

Lisa David, Head of HR, discusses what she looks for when recruiting, the importance of employee development and what makes Quantifi a great place to work.

What makes Quantifi a great place to work?

At Quantifi, we have focused on creating a culture that really encourages innovation and engagement. Working together as part of an exciting, diverse team, we encourage employees to explore and develop their potential.

We offer generous parental leave policies, retirement plans and much more. In some of our offices, you can even bring your canine family members to work. We also provide quality benefits and offer a well-rounded suite of health and wellness programs that help our employees achieve a healthy and balanced lifestyle.​

We also listen to what our people think about the company. Our employee surveys are designed to gauge opinion on what our employees think about our culture and gives them an opportunity to express what is important to them. In addition, this allows them to make suggestions on potential improvements to how we operate.


Head of HR, Quantifi

Why is Quantifi attractive to tech talent?

A key attraction is our significant investment in R&D. We invest over 17% of our revenue in research and development each year, which is reflected by a history of first-to-market releases for many major innovations in the financial markets. This means individuals that join the company have the opportunity to grow with the company in a dynamic and ever evolving environment.

There are transformational changes occurring in the financial markets driven by market changes and technology innovation. As a FinTech company focused on innovation, Quantifi is uniquely positioned to participate in and help shape many of these changes. Building something new is exciting and with a stable and diversified client base, we pride ourselves on delivering ground-breaking solutions for our clients. At Quantifi, we aim to inspire and challenge our employees to think creatively, work hard and continuously develop their skills. Whether individuals work at one of our global offices, on a client site, or at home, Quantifi’s inclusive corporate culture ensures all employees feel like an integral member of the Quantifi team.

What do you look for in terms of talent when recruiting?

We understand that the success of our business depends on our people and at Quantifi, we value individual intellect as much as teamwork. We look for individuals who have a passion for what we do and want to make a difference. Our commitment to our clients means we want to attract the most creative, collaborative, entrepreneurial individuals.

How important is employee development at Quantifi?

At Quantifi, individual growth is as much a priority as corporate growth and we firmly believe in investing in our employees. We also help our employees create a clear career development path and establish a clear connection between effort and reward. By investing in this kind of development, we help our employees get closer to achieving their career goals. We also provide company-wide learning initiatives that inspire and engage our employees. Learning opportunities for our tech teams includes on-demand training resources that support ongoing development, coaching with clear and constructive feedback. We always ask our employees to identify how they can contribute and what they wish to learn.

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