How Data Science is Revolutionising Risk Management & Finance

Data science is playing an increasingly pivotal role across capital markets, with the potential to transform decision-making across trading and risk, banking and investment.

With data volumes growing, buy-side and sell-side firms are exploring data science techniques to better understand risk and opportunity, but sometimes struggle to maximise value from these projects due to limitations with systems, skills and resource. Hear from expert practitioners to understand how your organisation can move beyond legacy technology, better meet investor demands and remain competitive by embracing the future of finance.


  • What is driving the rise of data science in financial markets?
  • How data science can help maximise returns and reduce costs
  • Common use cases of data science in finance
  • Data science tools designed for complex data analysis and flexible reporting


  • Alexei Tchernitser, Director, Analytics Solutions, Quantifi
  • Francois Mercier, Vice President, Senior Data Scientist, Citi
  • Victor Daniel Casas Hernandez, Global Head of Data Science, Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence – GTI, JPMorgan Chase & Co
  • Michael Natusch, Chief Science Officer, Prudential


Innovative thinking


Data Science Enabled Portfolio Management Solution

Quantifi's data science platform provides clients with the ability to do complex data analysis and flexible reporting using Python, Jupyter Notebooks and other popular data science tools. Integrated with Quantifi’s proven portfolio management solution, users benefit from complex client-driven analysis, strategy back-testing, ad-hoc portfolio what-if analysis - all using mixed data sets from diverse sources.


Quantifi Releases Latest Software Powered by Data Science

Version 18 includes 304 new features and enhancements, providing superior performance, new BI reporting capabilities and includes the next-generation of risk analytics powered by data science. Version 18 also introduces features to help clients accelerate their IBOR transition programme with confidence.


Quantifi Survey Measures Adoption of Data Science in Finance

Data has a huge influence on the financial services industry. The volumes of data accumulated are so large that traditional evaluation and analysis methods are no longer suitable. Firms are now recognising that big data technologies, like data science, are the way forward. Using data science can help them focus their resources efficiently, make smarter […]

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