How Can Cloud Computing Transform Your Business?

With the increasing demands from customers, greater regulatory requirements and cost efficiency pressures, more and more firms are embracing cloud strategies to address the modern business imperatives of performance, flexibility, scalability and agility.

At Quantifi, we have taken full advantage of the trend towards cloud technology by collaborating with cloud providers like Microsoft Azure.

“Quantifi’s cloud-service provides clients with a more digitally integrated environment that optimises operations for greater efficiency, scalability and flexibility”


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How Technology is Transforming the Future of Business

New technologies including AI, big data, Cloud, microservices, Modern CPUs, In-Memory Computing, Lambda Architectures and blockchain are reshaping how firms operate. Quantifi is at the forefront of these changes and our advanced architecture provides clients with significant value and competitive advantage. New technology brings significant benefits in usability, flexibility, scalability, and performance.


Axiom Alternative Investments Selects Quantifi’s Cloud Portfolio Risk Management Solution to Support its New Credit Fund

The leading investment boutique's long/short fund invests in credit instruments and aims to capture the value created by structural price anomalies.


Quantifi Expands Usage of Microsoft Azure Cloud for its Cross-Asset Platform

Technology is changing the way firms operate and deliver solutions to end-users. One of the most notable technology advances in financial markets is cloud computing.

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