Helaba Enhances Enterprise-Wide Derivatives Counterparty Risk Management
Helaba, one of the leading German banks, with a workforce of approximately 6,300 and a balance sheet total of around EUR 180 billion, offers financial services to companies, banks, institutional investors and the public sector, both within Germany and internationally. The bank also acts as central clearing institution and service provider for 40% of German savings banks.


To satisfy counterparty risk and IFRS 13 requirements, Helaba required a solution that could provide the desired functionality including performing calculations for a large number of trades, both plain vanilla and exotic instruments, in a timely manner. With Quantifi, the risk function can capture all XVA measures, generate consistent analytics, including sensitivities, scenarios, and daily XVA Explain at trade-level.

Selection Process

After a rigorous and transparent selection process involving several other solution providers, Quantifi was shortlisted for the proof-of-concept (POC) phase. Following a successful POC, Quantifi was chosen as the preferred partner to implement its platform consistently for front office, accounting and risk control purposes.

“During the due diligence process, Quantifi’s single solution for the calculation of xVA measures proved to be more sophisticated, flexible and scalable compared to other solutions we considered.”

Volker Wittermann, Head of Credit Products & Bonds, Risk Control

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