From complexity to clarity – achieve a clear view of your risk

With access to real-time, historical, and custom reporting, you can create a single view of risk.

To be confident in your risk numbers, you need a clear view of your risk.  Your entire risk framework should be geared towards measuring, controlling, and managing risk consistently. The ability to drill down to the trade level to evaluate portfolio impact provides you with a level of clarity to accurately manage risk and hedge exposures.

In this interview, Quantifi’s Head of Solution, Avadhut Naik, talks about managing and reporting risk in a timely, consistent fashion.


Innovative thinking

Client Stories

APAC Investment Bank Selects Quantifi’s Integrated Capital Markets Platform

Headquartered in Sydney, the client provides corporate and strategic advisory, equity and debt capital market underwritings, cash equities, research, prime brokerage and traditional fixed income services.

Client Stories

New Zealand Superfund Takes an Advanced Approach to Credit & Liquidity Risk Management

New Zealand Superannuation Fund (NZSF) is the sovereign wealth fund of NZ. It’s purpose is to help pre-fund the future pension/superannuation liabilities of an increasingly aging NZ population. Since it was established in 2001, the Fund has grown in size to NZD 45 billion. It is a long-term, growth-oriented fund that invests globally, both directly and through external managers, into a wide range of asset classes and investment products.

Client Stories

LFIS Capital Selects Quantifi for Broader Asset Coverage in Front-office Analytics & Risk Management

LFIS Capital (LFIS) is a leading Paris-based quantitative asset manager. Launched in 2013, LFIS has $11 billion of assets under management for a global client base. LFIS combines investment banking and asset management expertise to deliver innovative cross-asset, cross-instrument alternative, multi-asset and dedicated funds and solutions.

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