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Market-validated models that incorporate industry best practices and leading research to provide timely, accurate and independent valuations.

Leading in Advanced Analytics

Trusted By Tier-1 Banks

The pricing and valuation of derivatives is undergoing enormous change. Higher and higher standards are required due to internal cost pressures in addition to ongoing regulatory and accounting demands. Alternative Reference Rates, OIS discounting and XVA affect all aspects of valuation and risk management. Quantifi provides the most comprehensive, accurate, and intuitive financial development library available for derivatives. Our market-leading models are used by major financial institutions across financial markets including Tier-1 banks.

Match the market with OIS discounting, negative rates & ARR curves

Next-generation APIs integrate seamlessly with open-source data science and machine learning tools

Modern technology delivering ground-breaking performance


A Leader in Analytics


Cross-Asset Support

Cross-Asset Support

A model library including a range of tools for financial software development including low level numerical routines to an extensive range of high-level pricing and sensitivity functions.

Gain Complete Transparency

Timely, Accurate Valuations

Our models built on the latest technology and include advanced numerical methods that deliver stable, accurate results for a range of products – vanilla to complex derivatives.

Generate Accurate Analytics

Easy to use

Designed from the ground up and incorporating best practice design principles and methods, even our most complex models are intuitive and easy to use. 

Highly Scalable

Highly Scalable

Delivering high performance with multi-threaded, vectorized analytics. Multi-core TBB™ and integrated GRID technology ensures scalability, horizontally and vertically.

Integrated XVA Analytics

Data Science Enabled

Combine Quantifi risk results, data and models, using Python API, with the most popular libraries in data science and machine learning including pandas and TensorFlow.

Open & Extendable

Complete Flexibility

Built on next-generation Microsoft.NET technology dramatically reduces time-to-market for new models and makes Quantifi easy to extend and customize. 


Derivatives Valuation Software

Derivatives valuations can be resource-intensive and complex. Trusted by leading banks, investment managers, and global valuation providers, Quantifi has a proven track record of helping clients gain confidence in their valuations.


Since implementing Quantifi, the client has been able to grow and scale its business. The client was initially valuing in the region of 50,000 securities a day using Quantifi. This has now increased to over 1.1M securities daily. With access to a range of Quantifi models, the client plans to broaden its instrument coverage and on-board securities in 13 additional currencies.

Complete analytics

Results that match tier-1 banks

When solutions fall short it does not mean you have to overhaul your risk infrastructure. There is an alternative approach – integrating advanced models to complement or plug gaps in your existing solutions.


Innovative thinking


Analytics that match the market

Quantifi provides the most comprehensive, accurate and intuitive financial development library available.

Client Stories

Mizuho Americas Partners with Quantifi to Support its Robust Equity Derivatives Platform

Mizuho Americas markets its US equity derivatives capabilities to US corporates, providing solutions including accelerated share repurchases, collars, convertible call spreads, and equity forwards.


Intel & Quantifi Accelerate Derivative Valuations by 700x Using AI on Intel Processors

This paper demonstrates that accurate, real-time pricing for a portfolio of derivatives can be generated locally or in the cloud using AI technology.

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