Crypto Credit Risk – Lessons Learnt

Since the inception of cryptocurrency markets, crypto assets have carried plenty of risk and risk management concerns.

Since this Spring, there have been several meltdowns and bankruptcies in cryptoland. The frequency and magnitude of these failures highlights how susceptible these bilateral cryptoasset transactions are to credit risk and the lack of robust risk control and management. Navigating markets in 2023 will require institutional quality risk management, in particular counterparty risk.

This webinar looks at how the crypto market has suffered and the importance of counterparty risk management in helping to stabilise this nascent market.


  • Contagion in cryptocurrency markets
  • Sources of counterparty risk in crypto markets
  • The measurement and management of counterparty risk
  • Q&A


  • Dmitry Pugachevsky, Director, Research, Quantifi
  • Wilfred Daye, former CEO, Securitize Capital


Innovative thinking


How to Manage Cryptoasset Credit Risk

The Global Financial Crisis (GFC) of 2008 underscored the importance of credit risk in the financial markets. Since 2008, regulatory reform has been introduced to restore stability and confidence in the banking industry.


Understanding the Cryptoasset Market

Cryptoassets are digital assets which use cryptographic techniques to generate a medium of exchange of financial transactions. Cryptocurrencies, utility coins, security tokens are all different types of cryptoassets.


Part 2: How Blockchain Could Change the Financial Markets

One of the most talked about topics in the financial markets today is blockchain. The global financial markets are investing in blockchain technology to revolutionise many aspects of financial products and services.

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