Counterparty Risk and CVA, What's New?

Quantifi & PRMIA teamed up in London to present a seminar on counterparty risk & CVA where experienced practitioners discussed related matters including trends in setting up CVA processes, marginal CVA pricing practices, how are banks hedging CVA now and in the future, and regulatory priorities



  • Jon Gregory, Consultant, Solum Financial
  • Kai Pohl, Head of CVA Trading, Societe Generale
  • Nathaniel Benjamin, Risk Specialists Division, FSA


  • Current trends in setting up CVA processes
  • Marginal CVA pricing practices
  • How are banks hedging CVA now and in the future?
  • Regulatory priorities



Seminar Highlights

Robert McWilliam Introduces the Panel


Panel Discussion

Moderator David Kelly Reviews with the Panellists the top 10 Issues Surrounding CVA


Panel Discussion




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