Commodity Trading: Analytics

Fast, Accurate, Consistent Analytics

Best-of-breed models, built on modern technology, generate timely, accurate and consistent analytics enterprise wide

Price volatility and economic uncertainty have added dimensions of unpredictability to commodity trading activities. As commodity trading firms strive to optimise the value of their assets or speculate on price movements they rely on advanced analytics to drive their trading strategies. As the market leader for analytics, Quantifi offers the fastest, most accurate and extensible analytic engine so clients can rely on consistent analytics enterprise wide.


Delivered in XL, Matlab & APIs
supporting C#, C++, Python, Java, R


Accurate, consistent analytics enterprise wide


New technology delivering groundbreaking performance



Key Features

The fastest, most accurate and extensible analytics engine designed to help you identify new revenue streams and make the right trading decisions


Best-of-Breed Analytics

Our best-of-breed models incorporate industry best practice and are trusted by one of the A,B,C,D agri commodity trading firms

Gain Complete Transparency

Full transparency and control for all model inputs, methodologies, data, and results. Detailed documentation provided for all models

Reduce Risk

Generate stable, accurate results in a fraction of the time previously possible for even the largest and most complex portfolios

Intuitive to Use

Even our most complex models are intuitive and usable. Numerous pre-defined templates and sample worksheets make getting started simple

Make Optimum Decisions

Analyse large amounts of complex data in a timely manner to facilitate optimum business decisions

Open & Extendable

Clients can integrate their own models and data using standard technologies, rather than scripting languages or rigid APIs

Produce Scenario & Sensitivities

A set of finite-difference and ultra-fast semi-analytic sensitivities and scenario functions

Increase Business Flexibility

A highly optimised analytics engine that can scale horizontally (grid) and vertically (multi-core)


Modern Technology

Leveraging next-generation technology based on micro-services, big data and the cloud to give our clients the advantages of speed, scalability, flexibility and usability



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