Clearing and Rising Capital Costs

This webinar covers a number of areas relating to whether 'To Clear or Not to Clear', including the impact of regulatory reform on OTC clearing, margin efficiency for cleared OTC trades and Non-cleared capital costs: from FVA to Basel


  1. Current Regulatory Environment and its Impact on Clearing
  2. Current Main capital charges associated with Clearing
  3. Reasons OTC Trading will continue and not all trades will move to CPPs
  4. New CVA Capital Standardised and Advanced Formula
  5. Counterparty Capital Charges Arising from Basel II & III
  6. Capital Requirements for 3 Different Portfolio Strategies


  • Dmitry Pugachevsky, Director of Research - Quantifi

Clearing & Risking Capital Costs Part 1

Clearing & Rising Capital Costs - Part 2


Clearing & Rising Capital Costs - Part 3

Clearing & Rising Capital Costs - Part 4


Clearing & Rising Capital Costs - Part 5

Clearing & Rising Capital Costs - Part 2



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