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What is data science and do firms need it for decision-making?

This transcript was taken from a webinar hosted by Quantifi and on “The Future is Now: How Data Science is Revolutionising Risk Management and Finance”.


Survey: How Data Science is Revolutionising Risk Management & Finance?

This survey was conducted during a webinar hosted by Quantifi and on “The Future is Now: How Data Science is Revolutionising Risk Management and Finance”.


Optimise Your LDI Strategy

The key objective for a life insurer, pension scheme or asset manager is to ensure there is sufficient cash flow to fund future payment obligations to clients. However, achieving this goal in a low-rate environment with increasing regulatory oversight and capital requirements is becoming ever more challenging. As a result, many insurance and pension providers are turning to LDI strategies to more readily attain their funding target.


How is Credit Trading Evolving?

The fixed income market is undergoing a shift in the way trades are executed. Amid growing competition and advances in electronic trading venues, both buy-side and sell-side participants are facing a steady increase in volumes of RFQs that have been facilitated by electronic platforms.


What is driving demand for automation in the fixed income market?

There has been an increase in automation across the fixed income infrastructure and these changes are creating opportunities to increase revenue, as well as reduce operating costs.


Survey: Evolution of the Fixed Income Landscape

The fixed income market is experiencing a wave of increased automation. Over the last ten years the market has evolved considerably but trade processing and pre-trade workflows are still fragmented. Going forward, a firm’s success will be tied to how well prepared they are to respond and participate in automating these processes.


Interview with Nick Greenwood: Founder & CIO, Haven Cove

We sat down with Nick Greenwood, founder and CIO of Haven Cove, to learn more about the company, including the effects of COVID-19 and what the future may hold.


Rohan Douglas Reflects on Quantifi’s 20th Anniversary

We sat down with Quantifi CEO, Rohan Douglas to learn about how Quantifi has grown over the last 20 years and what the future holds for the company.


Bond Analytics for Relative Value Strategies

Relative value trading is a popular investment strategy for firms looking to achieve high returns while minimising risk. This blog explores the challenges of bond analytics and how access to the right analytics can provide opportunities for more comprehensive trading strategies.

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