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Beyond Libor: the impact of SOFR on rates, bonds and loans

The transition from Libor to SOFR has presented several challenges in the market. During the transition, financial institutions and market participants have been working to develop and adopt new products and contracts based on SOFR as a replacement for those previously linked to Libor.


Survey: How Banks are Managing Credit Risk in a Volatile and Dynamic Landscape

In an era of economic uncertainty and rapid technological advancements, staying ahead of credit risk is essential for financial institutions to protect their assets and maintain stability.


An Introduction to Managing Model Risk

When implementing an MRM policy, the core questions that arises centres around how much external assistance is required to support governance and validation.


Implementing ESG Principles in Trading and Risk Management

Embracing ESG requires a holistic approach that combines innovative data analytics and ethical considerations to optimise returns while managing risks responsibly.


Launching a New Fund? Survey Reveals Emerging Managers’ Top Priorities

The present economic challenges have altered the landscape of technology investments in the investment services sector this year. Firms are now allocating greater resources towards technologies that yield substantial business benefits.


10 Factors Driving Hedge Funds to Implement a New PMS/OMS

Investment managers are constantly striving to optimise their processes, improve accuracy, and bolster investor trust. As funds expand and adapt, the need for a reliable and effective Portfolio/Order Management System (PMS/OMS) becomes increasingly apparent.


Wrong-Way Risk: Insights on the Credit Suisse and Archegos Case

The Archegos incident highlights the importance of implementing comprehensive risk management frameworks that consider not only individual counterparty risk, but also the broader implications of market conditions and concentration of trades.


Out With the Old, in With the New: Replacing Your Portfolio Management Solution

Replacing a legacy PMS is a strategic move that can transform your firm’s ability to manage portfolios efficiently.


Survey: Risk management & technology challenges for banks and investment managers

In today's rapidly evolving business landscape, managing risk has become a paramount concern for organisations across financial services. As technology continues to advance at an unprecedented pace, firms face significant challenges in effectively managing risk and safeguarding their operations.

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