Part 1: Blockchain Technologies

Over the last 20 years, there have been significant technology advancements in the financial markets. Most recently, the interest in blockchain has been huge.

The blockchain technology platform is a distributed ledger technology system that allows multiple parties to have simultaneous access to a constantly updated ledger that keeps a record of all transactions between participants. The block of transactions make up the chain, hence the name blockchain. This new technology has the potential to redefine operations and improve the efficiency, security and economics of the financial industry. It is time for financial institutions to change and benefit from the possibilities of distributed technologies.

Firms are investing millions in developing blockchain applications. Few now doubt that blockchain could soon revolutionise the global financial services industry. Distributed ledger technology represents a promising source of future innovation in financial markets as it is starting to prove itself beyond just cryptocurrency. The opportunities arising from blockchain are vast, there are, however, many challenges to contend with before the full potential of the technology can be realised.


Introducing Blockchain and Distributed Ledger

  • Distributed Ledger
  • Blockchain 
  • Taxonomy of Distributed Ledger Platforms 

Introducing Smart Contract 

  • Ethereum 
  • IBM Hyperledger 
  • R3 Corda 


  • Block Hashing Algorithm 
  • Keys, Wallet and Transaction 

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Innovative thinking


How to Manage Cryptoasset Credit Risk

The Global Financial Crisis (GFC) of 2008 underscored the importance of credit risk in the financial markets. Since 2008, regulatory reform has been introduced to restore stability and confidence in the banking industry.


Understanding the Cryptoasset Market

Cryptoassets are digital assets which use cryptographic techniques to generate a medium of exchange of financial transactions. Cryptocurrencies, utility coins, security tokens are all different types of cryptoassets.


Part 2: How Blockchain Could Change the Financial Markets

One of the most talked about topics in the financial markets today is blockchain. The global financial markets are investing in blockchain technology to revolutionise many aspects of financial products and services.

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