An Interview with John Burkert Managing Partner at Tiden Capital

November 13, 2013

What is your area of business and principal activities?

Tiden Capital is a private investment company with over $100 million in assets under management. The firm is focused on relative value and corporate structured credit opportunities, including CDS and CDS index tranche products.

At the time when you were looking at solutions, what was the primary business challenge you were looking to address?

When we launched our strategy in early 2000’s we developed an internal system to process trades and run risk aggregation. However, as the firm expanded we realised the limitation of our internal systems. With these limitations in mind we decided to partner with a 3rd party vendor that could provide us with the necessary solutions to run our complex investment strategy and ultimately help drive growth.

What were you looking for in a vendor solution?

We looked at numerous vendors, but Quantifi was the only vendor who could provide everything we needed. We required a system that could look at individual trades, model the underlying portfolio and aggregate the risk on those trades.

Why did you decide to work with Quantifi?

Quantifi Risk was the perfect turnkey solution. It is simple, sophisticated and supports a range of financial products from vanilla instruments to complex structured products, while requiring minimal internal infrastructure and internal resource. Furthermore, Quantifi Risk has an intuitive user interface, something that our internal system lacked. Quantifi was the obvious choice.


“ Tiden has saved more than $1.7MM over the years ”


How has Quantifi helped Tiden?

Quantifi has helped Tiden become highly efficient by scaling and growing with minimal further investment in money and resources. Tiden has saved more than $1.7MM over the years and we no longer needed to hire an additional two resources that were going to be required to continue the development and maintenance of our in-house system, which was eventually replaced by Quantifi Risk. A further key benefit for Tiden is the ability to keep pace with the changing credit landscape. The Quantifi team is dedicated to making sure that models are updated to reflect both market shifts and the firm’s evolving strategy. With the move toward the standardised North American CDS contract (SNAC), Quantifi was the first vendor to develop and release SNAC support, which Tiden immediately adopted. Furthermore, we now have in place a scalable and flexible risk platform that is intuitive to use and maintain which gives our investors and prospective investors confidence.

How have you found your experience working with Quantifi?

A key highlight of our relationship with Quantifi is the sheer level of support the firm provides to us. We view the Quantifi team as an extension of our own in-house team. They’re quick to respond and have turned around ad hoc requests within 24 hours. We’ve maintained a long and successful partnership with Quantifi and are looking to further expand our work with them as a result of the widespread benefits we’ve experienced.

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